Tuesday, April 28, 2009

WilLame Shakespeare AKA William Shakes Beer


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  1. Wow, this truly is depressing lame.

  2. When your tits are all saggy
    When your hair is all grey
    When your wall is douchebaggy
    When the world thinks you’re gay
    When your grab that next ‘ciggy’
    When you talk about weed
    When the boys call you “piggy”
    When you’re 18 and breastfeed
    You’ll still be dumb-ass underage whores online
    And when the rest of the world is successful, you’ll be doing time.


  3. To the poster above: BRILLIANT.

  4. I still read this in utter amazement.. I cannot BELIEVE someone would actually put that crap on their wall.

  5. foremangriller1

    idiots are fun.. you took every good thing to say.. last line is best.. whores online/ you’ll be doing time

  6. Idiot are fun: that’s was effing brill. xD

  7. that second post is hilarious

  8. I get why it’s lame and all, but I don’t get why them talking about weed is bad like people are implying. Everyone smokes weed dude.

  9. I don’t smoke weed.

  10. Well I think it’s kind of clever. I don’t see why people are shocked that someone would put this up… it is by far not the worst thing I’ve seen, and hell, it’s even pretty creative.

  11. Idiots are fun = legend.

    Also, the girls in the original poem all share on face 😉

  12. *one face

  13. It could have sounded better if she pressed delete.

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