Saturday, August 18, 2012


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  1. Aww does Rachel not like to cus? That cunt.

  2. Um… Jonas… she said “fucking”. Your comment doesn’t make any sense.

  3. What a cunt. That william the cat should dump her stuck-up ass.

  4. This might have been funnier if his name was Tom.

  5. Rachel sounds like a bitch.

  6. Rachel knows that William is lion.

    It’s not the cat-astrophe William is playing it out to be.

    She knows he’s not fur real.

  7. I enjoy cats.

  8. I think that cat only has 1 arm.

  9. ^despite being able to see two arms, in the picture? Are you fucking blind?

  10. That’s Maru. Everyone WISHES they were in a relationship with Maru.

  11. Nice one fagg

  12. Will I am. (not me) is such a cockfuck. How does he not realize the beautiful relationship that. Can be had with the pussy he is trying to whore out. What a dick…

  13. if you love your pet – spay or neuter them.
    if you love that furry little fuck, you won’t hesitate to cut his balls right off.

    I like to think there is a wider metaphor there.

  14. Yeah, cats have ‘arms’ .. fuck.

  15. It IS Maru!
    Maru is the cutest animal ever to walk the earth.

  16. I believe I once made the call that beatus is the most consistently funny person on lamebook.

    I would like to retract that statement.

  17. Merry Fuckmas to you, too, Frankie.

  18. No offense, beatus. I just have a three puns and you’re out rule.

  19. what happens after 4 puns?
    ‘coz he did another one, frankie. look.

  20. What?! I always thought beatus was a stand up type of guy but that is just no laughing matter. He will has to be punished.

  21. you filthy animal. i hope your AIDS gets infected.

  22. Frank are you by any chance German? I’ve no idea why but when I read your posts I can’t help but ‘hear’ them in the voice of Colonel Klink from that old TV show Hogan’s Hero’s

  23. That cat is not seductive… It is nonchalant.

  24. Berkley, Frank is actually a Francesca.

    Fine. Punish me for my puns. Tie me up. Do what you will.

  25. ^ Sounds like a little Freudian slippage of your fantasy, beatus.
    You could just come out and say it – I mean, this IS lamebook after all.

  26. Thanks Anne that’s sweet of you.

    Berkely, I’m not German but please feel free to keep imagining me as an old, incompetent male Nazi.

    beatus, we should definitely do that. Look me up next time you’re in Oz.

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