Friday, July 31, 2009

Congrats Kevin, Have a Good Weekend

Congrats Kevin

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  1. Hippie liberal douche

    That relationship lasted a whole 8 days. Classy.

  2. Like my mom used to say ~ only boring people get bored.

  3. LOL kevin. he liked his own status. someone needs to confiscate his computer.

  4. why is he hoppin’ outta bed at 7pm…?

  5. Ex-GF: “July 11, 10:35am: Dumped Boring Boyfriend”

  6. He broke up between 10:00 – 4:00 and then he said he’s hopping out of bed the same nite 3 hours later.

  7. Obviously he didn’t sleep, George C.

    Maybe if the SOB wasn’t so boring, he’d still have a girlfriend.

  8. Wow. What. A. Loser.

  9. I reckon his gf broke up with him ’cause of his constant updating of his status about him being bored, and now that he’s single, he doesn’t wanna give people the impression that he got dumped… or something.

  10. I love how casual he is about breaking up with his GF. It makes a change from all the whiney dudes who post updates about how they’re crying and stuff.

  11. This is like the very epitome of lame. Its just so pathetic. There are no words.

  12. What is this “hit me up” crap? Everyone thinks they’re all Snoop Dogg now?

  13. Lame much?

  14. Pleading on facebook for attention.

    Cool story bro.

  15. In my sanity, I must confess that to truly appreciate this man’s post, one must look at it as poetry. He is conducting an orchestra to the soundtrack of a generation of children who have been lost at the altar of technology. This is the result of a cold, heartless capitalistic ideals that all of you, even those of you who claim to be “liberal”, have embraced and lived throughout your empty and “bored” lives.

    Go outside. Spend some time in the real world. Help your fellow man. Overthrow the bourgeois pigs who are only reaping their rewards at our own ignorance. By doping us with mindless and trivial data reaped from the Internet, we truly are a nation, no, a world of Lamebook entries.

  16. What a lonely guy.

  17. Bri Bri Bee Rat

    Mao: TLDR

    Somebody please ban or block or otherwise neutralize Chairman Mao. The Onion exhausted this “Asian take on things” shtick two weeks ago. Thanks in advance.

  18. he is his only friend on facebook, it seems.

    what does tldr mean?

  19. Jay: It stands for “too long to read”

    Also Kevin is a boring lonely guy.

  20. TLDR = too long, didn’t read

    Mao- well said. I completely agree with you.

  21. Seriously, Bee Rat???

    Mao, I also agree whole-heartedly with you. Ironically, that “TLDR” comment- thank you, go mao, for the translation- perfectly illustrated the very point that you were making. It is appalling to me that a person could proclaim that 2 paragraphs were too long to read, and THEN proceed to criticize what was NOT read.

  22. Bri Bri Bee Rat

    “Seriously”. That’s original. In your defense, I suppose all you had at your meager disposal were “Seriously?” and “Really?”. I bet you overuse “absolutely” and “not so much”, too. If you weren’t a troll, you’d know that Mao’s been annoying a lot of people on this site for some time. And you’d also know that TLDR is really more of a slam than something to be taken literally. Way to miss the point. This is Lamebook, not Adbusters.

  23. Chairman Mao’s post should be cross-posted as his status update and then posted to lamebook.

    one of the GREATEST lamebooks ever. i don’t know why i find it so damn amusing. maybe because this guy is so nonchalant about everything.

  25. thanks go mao, was wondering where the D came from.

  26. Chairman mao seems like a smart guy. Lay off one of the more intelligent posters here.

  27. haha no problem jay.

  28. HAHAHAAA i love this post! It’s brilliant. Stop hating Kevin, he’s just too entertaining!

  29. Seriously, Bee Rat???

    Well, Bee Rat- no seeing eye-to-eye, here. Oh, well.

  30. Seriously, Bee Rat???

    Well hell, three more- 1) A “troll” would be someone who spends all of their time away from the sun- pretty much the opposite of someone who spends all of their time on facebook; 2) It’s pretty funny to have you reference this “meager disposal”, not knowing that you are referring to a person with a doctorate in Psychology; and 3) Since when has it become appropriate to “slam” a person, without it being meant literally? Have our words really become that meaningless?

  31. Seriously, Bee Rat- You have a doctorate in psychology? That’s awesome- I’m going to grad school for psych.

  32. Seriously, Bee Rat???

    Oh, you meant me! Sorry- I was confused… I forgot my “name”. : )

    Yes- I’m also finishing out my Master’s in Social Work. Classes start back in two weeks… I took a break this summer.

  33. The ‘Kevin likes this’ bit killed me

  34. Seriously, bree – haha i took a break over the summer too, i was going crazy last semester. Good luck with your classes!

  35. Seriously, Bee Rat???

    You too, psychstudent- thank you!

    Also, Bee Rat- I’m sorry for getting all high and mighty before. We shouldn’t fight amongst ourselves here.

  36. I have to admit I kinda like this Facebook entry… “XXXX living the single life”. It’s a neat kind of optimism. I actually paged through lamebook to look at it again. Reminds me of my 20s.

  37. Bless him liking his own status!!

  38. This is the kind of guy you hide from your newsfeed.

  39. Lol I love how when some one (Chairman Mao) throws in a few *big* words people decide he is right in an effort to sound *smart* as well. Even if the point is completely invalid. Semantics people, semantics.

  40. lawlz. chairman mao, you silly pseudointellectual piece of shit…

  41. Surprisingly enough, I’m now bored as well.

  42. I took it as she dumped him for being more than a week late for the plans they made. “plans tonight 7/11/09” on July 19.

  43. It seems Kevin confuses facebook with twitter.

  44. i guess lamebook is like the economy. there are good times and bad times. bad news guys: we’re in a depression. not even the comments could save this post.

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