Monday, February 21, 2011

Stalled Out…

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  1. So, everybody has to get some; I don’t judge them for that. But putting her bare feet on that pee-stained floor? She’s a skank. At least he’s wearing socks. Hopefully a condom as well.

  2. What position is that?

  3. idgi
    shouldn’t his feet be pointed the other way

  4. He’s sat on the toilet.
    She’s sat on his lap…to put it politely.

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Word I’m thinking Mutual Anal using a double headed dildo.

  6. OHHHHHH I see it now.

  7. Dukey, that’s what I was thinking. She seems too close to the wall to be sitting on his dick.

  8. Her knees are bent, so her feet are forward of where their crotches are meeting…

  9. Hope she threw her panties away after tossing them on that nasty crusty floor….

  10. Britney Spears?

  11. Whole new meaning to answering nature’s call.

  12. 2 Lesbians? Next to the right foot of sock-less chick is, what appears to be, some sort of pad. Can’t quite make out the color of the stain though.

    Or maybe it’s just two jocks celebrating their victory over the visiting team with the traditional crossing of the swords?

  13. Based on the height of the urinal, I think it’s 2 Roman Catholic priests engaged in rough anal action. During the break of the visit to a quite inspiring local kindergarten. Makes sense with all the bad rap they are getting.

  14. I really can’t focus on anything other than the fact that one of them is barefoot in a public restroom.

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Word one of them would have to have really long legs for her to be sitting on his dick.

  16. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Or maybe she is sitting on his face, hence the tip toeing.

  17. Why did they even take off their shoes?

  18. @ dalz- so they can get their pants off… removing your pants without taking your shoes off is nearly impossible.

  19. hpcan, I see you wear a lot of skinny jeans… 🙂

  20. Not true…I’ve done it. Actually in one bout of sweaty sex the guy actually managed to get my pants, undies and knee high boots without unzipping them more than a quarter of the way. I’m still trying to figure out how the hell that happened.

  21. but actually yeah…the bare feet on the floor thing makes me want to vomit.

  22. slippyslappy- i’m impressed. i sometimes keep my socks on if my feet are cold ha ha.
    and lametothemin- i’m not picky, i’ll wear me a pair of fat jeans if they’ve got a nice personality:)

  23. I prefer to make love in port-o-potties. One way or another, I’m going to get me a stinky box.

  24. I am guilty of college bathroom drunken sex, but always with shoes/socks ON.

  25. those are some manly feet, I’m thinking it might be two guys – in which case I think no-socks is getting a bj, hence the positioning.

  26. The shoes aren’t even in the stall. Very awkward positioning… I don’t think that they are having sex, due to the fact that there are no pants on the floor, nor around their ankles. But, if they are in fact having sex, the most vile part of this picture is that he is sitting bare ass on a toilet seat in an obviously unsanitary bathroom. Athlete’s foot will be the least of either of these two’s worries.

  27. pretty grose

  28. *grossestinglyyuck

  29. Holy fuck, that place is disgusting. And she has no shoes on …. just wrong!

  30. And in trap one we have two rutting stench foots.

    Stop moaning everybody there’s nothing wrong with fucking a girl in the shitter.

  31. I use to do my girl in the library bathroom at her collge but it wasn’t all disfuckingusting. It had a lock then a small room with a sink and a table then a seperate room wit the toilet. And we woud cover the table with my shirt cuz you never know what sickos be doing in there. But her butt would be sore afterwords and I woud be all sweaty cuz it was hot as a bitch n sunny in there.

    But anyway, that is clearly a dude sittin on the toilet and a chick sittin on his lap facing him. At least that dirty skank ain’t lazy.

  32. What I don’t get is that the shoes are totally missing! Do men’s room stalls have hooks on the backs of the doors? In a women’s restroom the stalls usually have purse hooks…but I don’t know if the men would get the same thing. I guess if they do maybe they hung their pants on the hook, but where the hell are their god-damned shoes!
    And as for everyone who can’t figure out this position, what is so hard about it? He is sitting on the toilet, she is on his lap, facing him. She probably has the same number of joints as any other human being, so her thighs are on either side of his torso, knees bent, toes on floor. That is why her feet are so close to the wall. She has legs. That are bent. This isn’t rocket surgery.

  33. The bare feet on the urine-stained floor is the most disturbing part. And like everyone else, I wonder where their shoes are? Maybe they plan to steal some on their way out of the Wal-Mart?

    I’m assuming the girl might be wearing a skirt and it’s her panties balled up on the floor and the guy (if it is a guy) is wearing shorts.

  34. Morrigan, you totally beat me to it. That’s what i was thinking- maybe she’s, in fact, wearing a skirt and he’s wearing shorts? But yes, where are their shoes!? I don’t get it. Perhaps this is staged??

    And EWWW, the bare feet on the floor of obviously very public, MEN’S restroom- disgusting.

  35. Looks like there are a pair of heels behind the shadowed foot.

  36. people who keep saying there are two women here are retarded. there’s urinals in the picture. obviously at least one guy

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