Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Warm Welcome

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  1. Firs

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  3. we got a mexican cashier at the work cafeteria… nice nice booty

  4. Real classy Will. I’m wondering why a lunch lady would friend students. ??

  5. ugh that’s flippin weird. I worked at a Liquor store and had a regular add me. Haven’t worked there in YEARS and still FB’s me about the place asking why we’ve moved things around, etc. Keep FB on a need-to-know basis.

  6. Weird… not only is she friending students, but apparently people who’ve left school. And people who didn’t even know her name.

    Is this gonna turn out all One Hour Photo?

  7. Hahahaha Midwest that was hilariou

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  9. @Lulz


  10. Well, which one is she?
    I wanna know the rest of the story.

  11. @Sean

    No but seriously, WHY did you move all that shit around? I can’t find anything in there anymore!

  12. lol

  13. Oh, Will, what an ass hat.

  14. @The Hoff

    I’ll help you out. The Zima that you always buy is in 3rd row on the second shelf. They moved the Jolly Ranchers up front.

  15. made me lol

  16. I’m curious about this “pizza” she’s serving up.

  17. Wow what a douche. She should poison his food

  18. mcowles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to be real facebook friends.

  19. Christ on a cracker

    Meh, what a stupid question. Everyone knows all mejicanos are fat due to all those burritos.

  20. @ jtibbs lol

  21. Ugh, guess that’s one reason many schools now have a no FB between staff and students rule. Poor lady.

    @sean, you can quietly de-friend that dude, then set your profile up to be invisible to a particular person. If questioned you can just say you’re cutting back on your online exposure.

    Or you could post some masked full frontal and/or doodie pics, then send them to that person captioned, “HOWDOYA LIKE ME NOW?!?!?!11” That usually works, but you should warn grandma first. Trust me.

  22. mcowles, i want to be real facebook friends, too! jokes! you got ’em!

  23. I’m about to post my email on here so he can find me.

  24. Lulz! Good Luck!

  25. awwww mcowles has stalkers… too cute

  26. @nuff – I was wondering that too. If it’s in quotation marks, it must be dodgy!

  27. I can’t post my e-mail. Then the girls status I got submitted on here will know who I am and kill me.

  28. @mcowles: run for your life…

  29. I stalk you slim, you got a problem with that?

  30. Lulz, that is indeed a predicament. Kudos to you, however, for being brave enough to even consider posting your email here. Eek.

  31. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    ditto on that dawnstar – Not that I have followers or follow anyone… hehe hmm… ok so this was a useless comment… *shrugs*

  32. Not so, Monkey! I follow your funny.

  33. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @dawnstar awww I get quite a few chuckles from your posts too! 😀

  34. A fat Mexican would have been downright appetizing. We had some mutant lurch lady that had lobster claws for hands, and a beard.

  35. Yo, I would not fuck with a lunchlady. She handles your already nasty food. God knows.

  36. thats hot word… i will jerk tonight imagining you peeking through the blinds watching

  37. 1.) She friended a student because it’s Facebook, and Facebook wants to rape everybody into your friends list. Yes, I used rape in that way, and I stand by it.

    2.) Someday when Will is a garbage man and he friends one of the neighborhood teenagers on and they ask if he’s the one who smells like garbage, or the one who smells like garbage, … well… the irony will be lost on him.

  38. @37 She wants to rape everyone?? hmmm

  39. Dizzy_Ballerina

    SlimJ that is so hot! I’m gonna think of peeking in the blinds at you and Soup in nut hammocks and touching yourselves as I fall asleep tonight 😛

  40. @38 I said *Facebook* wants to rape everybody into your friends list. As in, Facebook wants to forcefully penetrate your friends list with anybody you’ve ever heard of, and their mother, and their dad, and their dog, and their old college roommate.

  41. haha only if you let them dude.

  42. @Miss Shegas: I like to keep people like this on FB for lulz.

    tho, tru story: some crazy chick from high school younger than me added me to FB and I naively accepted, barely knowing her. Get a message from her years later saying she saw my mother and said hi. My mother told me later that some insane girl pestered her about me and wouldn’t shut up.
    on second thought, I think I need to purge my friend’s list.

  43. @Sean: Sorry about that. I’ll lay off mom next time.

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