Friday, March 26, 2010

A Little Drunk

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  1. ben

  2. In my head the first one is from Fast Eddies Bon Aire in Alton, IL. The food is amazing, the atmosphere is… mind boggling, the beer is dirt cheap, and that combo probably results in enough unplanned “pigs in blankets” to populate an alternate planet.

  3. I want a bf like nr. 3 🙁

  4. trod Wk Th3 tdmh gtp, indeed. Truer words were never spoken.

  5. WTF is Shane trying to say? I need a translator.

  6. Is there some new drunk lingo these days? Because I can’t understand a word that Shane just said. Can anyone interpret?

  7. hahaha Nor, I don’t think it’s ‘drunk lingo’, I think it’s just ‘drunk’.

  8. Who knows? They could be adapting.

  9. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Yet Shane was conscious enough to go to a computer, turn it on (if it wasn’t already on), sign onto FB (assuming browser was open and he needed to have signed on), and then comment on that group. weirdo!

  10. Eh.

  11. I think we can assume its the ”look at me, Im drunk on fb, how cool am I”, when in reality its some loner, sat at puter, waiting for a real life to knock on his door

  12. Wow Shane must be drunk, the second one is just a bit wrong… along with the first though great way of describing doing two fat girls heh.

  13. To bad #3 didn’t win his/her Darwin Award.

  14. @MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    You’d be surprised how efficiently drunks can get to their computer, log on, the type gibberish on it. It’s pretty pathetic.

    One morning, I logged on to FB and got a drunk FB message from my ex I dumped over 2 and a half years ago. If you’re drunk at 3:00 am messaging your ex, you’re a loser because you could be busy getting laid or at least that’s how I see it.

  15. Dr. Azizted-Homicide

    even though it was in his own self interest, who knows, maybe #3 pulling over and walking home saved someone’s life.

  16. Yeah #3 is more lucky and safe than lame. Still sort of funny though

  17. I don’t know all of what Shane is saying but I think it’s something about something named Gaven ruining his…rifle?

  18. Oops should say “someone named Gaven”.

  19. Emily’s post is just… classy. Sadly, I want to know more- like where she was sleeping that involved a “girl in front of me.” And how that corresponds with the poo in the hallway. The story may get better if I know more. Not any classier, mind you, but better…

  20. @2, I was personally thinking Jack meant Fast Eddie’s, a fast food chain. It’s pretty gross, although their pickle fries are tasty.

  21. Au contraire, Shane — I believe, actually, trod Wk th3 GH‡MÓR YõOP%` my rifae ruinneeded.

  22. I live right up the street from Fast Eddie’s. That’s hilarious.

  23. Fast Eddie’s in Alton, IL? Or the greasy food chain in Canada (I’m assuming only Ontario)? Inquiring minds must know! If it’s the latter, I live up the street from a Fast Eddie’s, as well.

  24. *facepalm*

  25. I’m on here using my phone more often than my home pc. So drunk FB’ing isn’t too difficult. Though, I have yet to do so since normally when your out partying having a good time, facebook is the last thing on my mind until I’m at work killing time, like now, lol. #3 was pretty cool, that just got him brownie points for trying to get back together.

  26. You would actually be astonished about what’s possible online when you’re drunk, believe me. Don’t think it’s lame because he decided to post on a group, anyone can do it and I’ve seen it happen all too often.

  27. I can answer your question Hustle. They are talking about the one in Alton, Illinois. I actually happen to be present when this bet was made. Let me assure you that what he said about the girls were true. But in my opinion, Jack looked way worse. Not to mention, judging by the way his lip looked, I’m sure he gave them both the gift that keeps on giving. I tell this story in complete honesty.

    It is amazing just how small this world is.

  28. If Emily were in my network I’d have given a “likes this” to that post, while secretly being extremely happy that I wasn’t there to witness it.

    On an entirely different subject, if I have to look at that “Most Popular Plastic Surgeries At Colleges!” Camel Man picture one more fucking time I am going to drop-kick a poodle.

  29. @ 19 i reckon the ‘girl in front’ was her in a mirror and she was yelling at her to stop crapping in the hall

  30. ElasticFireCracker

    lmao @ Shane

  31. I probably know that Shane. Trying to be cool when he ain’t. That is not cool. Englishgirl is right 😀

  32. lol

  33. Jack FTW

  34. So Fast Eddy’s is a worldwide thing? We have them in Aus, but the walls are covered with Australian memorabillia from the mid-1900’s, so I wasn’t sure.

  35. Yeah it’s the same way in Alton. Also, in Canada and Europe.

  36. emily sounds classy

  37. LMAO @ swamp hen!!

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