Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OK, The World Can End. I’ve Seen It All.

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  1. It’s his own damn fault…

  2. Jason’s gonna be grounded for weeks after his poor put-upon mommy sees this! No more backyardigans for you mister!

  3. Maybe if Steven weren’t dumbass enough to add something that obviously came from the baby momma this wouldn’t have happened. He totally deserves it though.

  4. Dustin seems like a pretty common name…

  5. I hate when people do this shit. Make Facebook profiles for their infant/toddler kids.
    Or, when a mother says, “HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY !!” – Like the kid appreciates it.
    Get a life.

  6. Shit like this is probably going to replace the family album.

    Gather around the fire everyone. Let’s look at little Jason’s FB when he was one! Awwwwww! Isn’t that cute. Look how he dissed his dad.

    Kid is going to be fucked up fo’ sho.

  7. Facebook’s terms of service claim you have to be 13 to have an account. How do these accounts for babies and kids keep appearing?

    And “it’s his own damn fault” ? Really? I’m sure the mother is a sane, calm woman whose word we can trust without question.

  8. Uh, Vox, he’s the one who fucked a crazy woman without a condom, basically choosing to become a father. And she’s the crazy bitch who picked a looser to father her child. The only people I EVER feel sorry for in these situations is the kid.

    I’d like to paratrooper in to all of the situations, grab the kid out, and deliver them to sane people for raising. Or wolves. Either way the kid would be better off.

  9. Miss S.,

    We don’t know the status of whether a condom was worn, was not worn, broke, or they put it on the wrong head.

    This is just more proof of why it’s bullshit that in order to have a professional career one must get governmental certification, but to shit out a bunch of kids that don’t receive care from either parent it’s just a free-for-all.

  10. Vox… He was crazy enough to accept a friend request from his child… Yes, it’s his own damn fault! And remember, he’s the one that decided to have sexy with the crazy woman. Not saying that the woman has no fault, but c’mon…

  11. Once again. what the hell is this? Nigguhs are their own worst enemies. And no, I don’t mean African-Americans or blacks, I’m saying nigguhs.

  12. Tyler, you are an optimist fo sho. Do you really think for a second that these two practiced any forethought, let alone safer sex?

    I can’t imagine in the chaos that is their lives that they did. But maybe I’m just entirely jaded.

    Wolves. It’s the only way.

  13. This post made me sad, but Miss Shegas and her wolves cheered me up again!

  14. Wait, are you all trying to say that my 2 year old who types and uses curse words isn’t normal?!

  15. Thank you, rockinghorsefly. I’m glad you see the wisdom of my ways. It’s for the children, after all.

  16. @kal: I get your point. Agree with the sentiment even. But it’s possible to to wonder who has less of a life, people making facebook pages for their kids or people whining about it on the Internet…

  17. Tyler, the voice of reason

  18. Ah, Steven. If you just paid your child support, she couldn’t complain about it.

  19. 18. I’m female and a raging feminist beyatch,but I believe if you have a baby, you better damn well hope you can support it yourself. Only in the West do you have this whole child support system. Go to Africa or Asia or heck even Mexico that’s close enough and see if the courts will give a shit about you and your brat.

    I think that’s why there’s a proliferation of single mums and teen mums because they know the courts will always make the father pay for them not being able to keep their legs together.

    In effect, can’t afford it? Keep your legs shut or use a freaking condom!

  20. Re 19:

    That’s why I love the law we (supposedly, I’ve never had to use it to verify) have where I live. The father gets just as long as the mother to decide that he doesn’t want to have the kid. Normally, that means that he finds out, can tell her he doesn’t want the child and she can then either choose to abort or choose to have the child on her own. However, if she doesn’t tell him before the point where she can make that choice, he still gets to tell her that he won’t take care of it and will not have to pay child support.

    It really works because if the father doesn’t file the necessary forms before the typical abortion-for-non-medical-reasons cut-off date, he has to prove that he wasn’t aware that the woman was claiming him as the father, but if he can do that, he still gets the option of backing out the same way the mother did (except without the physical procedure). It stops guys from saying they’ll help and then backing out once the baby is born, but does give men who are somehow honestly tricked into being a father an out.

  21. If any of my offspring (I have 3 sons & 8 daughters paid for and 9 bastards who i don’t pay for) spoke with such foul obnoxious language in such a public forum, i’d be the proudest father in the world!!

    “Isn’t that right little Youmofo? Yes it fucking is you little shit machine!”

  22. @ watersinger, what country do you live in?
    @ Bollywood the laws are there so that men take as much responsibility for their actions as women. It take two to get pregnant and both should pay for it, not just the woman.

  23. Did it not occur to you #10 that the wife changed her profile name and picture, or that it was a profile she used personally? He may have accepted it eons ago.

    Vox – Facebook allows usernames like Just Annie, Fireman Foulds, Autumn Hamburglar, and more…. I really don’t think they pay the least attention anymore.

  24. @bollywood_rocks83.. um,it takes TWO to get pregnant. the man is just as responsible as the female. i am all for womens rights, and there fore believe that men should take care of their own and not leave the women the full burden of being a parent and care giver.

  25. It obviously wasn’t very bright of the mother to post a comment pretending to be their child but maybe just maybe…the dead beat dad should pay his child support and take care of the kid he helped make. Just saying…

  26. What did he expect???? His sons clearly a mommas boy lol 😉

  27. Oh! How sad! All your apostrophes ran away!

  28. lmfao at sideshow.

    this is ridiculous though, people make kids facebooks all the time, i wasn’t allowed on the computer untill i was 13 and still wasn’t allowed on it very much untill i was 16. but you have these 8 year olds with them. generations of hoes, sorry to say but the pictures they post. like hell . time for something to be done about it.. so disgusting

  29. Normally I don’t even bother commenting on post like these anymore.
    But as a single father/mother, I feel I need to step in on this one.

    First off, I made the mistake of not wearing a condom and “making love” to one crazy ass bitch! My fault! Although it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I am mom and dad. I say this because I receive no help from mom. So let me rephrase what I said earlier, I am an only parent.

    Secondly, I have not received one of support from her mom whether it be financially, physically, or mentally. This is the first time I have really said anything about it to anybody. Everybody already knows how my daughter “Mom” is. There is no need to throw gas on the fire. There is only one person that hurts in the end and that is the child.

    My situation is a little different though because I’m at a point in my life where I can provide the things my daughter needs. IT IS NOT EASY BY ANY MEANS. But I make due with what I have. I struggle, fight, and do without to make sure she has what she needs. I make to much money to receive ANY kind of help. Not that it bothers me really; but, in most cases people CAN receive help.

    (I’m getting off track here.):/

    My point is, the above post is BULLSHIT! Take his ass to court.There are MANY places that will help you with this free of charge. They will make him get a job. If not, he will lose his license. If it persist, he will be thrown in jail until it is paid. Don’t drag your child into this mess. That baby is nothing but an innocent bystander to this fuckery of a mess. The real piece of shit is the parent who talks a load of bullshit about the other parent. Which in this case is both of them. The ONLY person being hurt is that poor child.

    Both of them need strung out by their fucking toes and whipped with a cane pole until they don’t know who they are anymore.

    This BULLSHIT pisses me off to no end! That is all…

  30. Hey defective, thanks for sharing.

    This is a website where people splash their bullshit everywhere, other people tell them to fuck off, and other people complain about grammar.

    You should go visit mumsnet- they’ll love your story there.

    Incidentally, I’m having a baby soon as well, with a girl I’m not married to or going out with. We’re guna make it work. Oh shit, now I’m doing it… what is it about having babies that makes you wanna open up to strangers?? 🙂

  31. I’m having a hard time “reading” you gonzo. Either it’s extremely thick with sarcasm. Or you are being legit. I’m leaning toward the latter but you never know in the wonderful world of Lamebook as you pointed out in your post.

    But either way, thanks for the website because I just got some extremely helpful hints for my toddler who is unfortunately as bull-headed as her father. But that’s not always a bad thing. Shit! It’s contagious and flowing rampant today!

  32. Lance puts a layer of decadent hysteria on what would’ve been a bland argument….GO LANCE!

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