Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Try Again

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  1. Ha!

  2. Ok… Nothing else to say… just wanted to be the first…

  3. Good grief. That is all

  4. Wow.

  5. Coming from South Africa I find it highly amusing when people confuse animals. This is like the post where the girl asked what the tower in the picture was, and it was the Eiffel tower.

  6. O.o….. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

    Whoever rides animals in age of time deserves to be shot… in the face,twice! How would you like it if I gagged you and started riding you all day huh HUH. No you might actually like that you dirty bitches… sooo never mind, just forget I said anything!

  7. Seriously, who is that in the tat on #3? Kobe Bryant? And if it is really Obama, oh – my – god

    Portrait tattoos are so terrible. PEOPLE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD ARTIST BEFORE ATTEMPTING A PORTRAIT… jus saying

  8. …..Wow, really guys?
    @Tropicolor how did you get a photo up? This is the first time I’ve seen a pic of someone on LB.

  9. casshern, you best be trollin’.
    It’s a camel, not a vole… It’s not going to be hurt by two 110 pound girls being sat on it.

    Also, i like baby rhinos.

  10. I don’t think casshern was talking about the pain, more just the fact that the animals are being forced to cart people around.

  11. Meh. It’s just a llama, k.

    Good idea:
    Stop car pollution by forcing everyone to ride horses, camels, hippos, dolphins etc.

  12. Ha! It’s a stoned Kobe Bryant…

    Boo Lakers!!!

  13. Does anybody else remember those ABC books that had an animal for each letter? C is for Camel and H is for Hippopotamous
    I’m always down for riding dolphins in the ocean. Just watch it or you might get raped by one.

  14. Those girls in the first one should be careful, they may have a bit of llamatoe going on when they get off there.

  15. nuff, I just got nose banged by a Manatee last weekend! It acutely was quite pleasurable.

    Lamatoes are the worst Comments! It’s been a while since I’ve been on one, or a Camel for that matter, but the discomfort is still vivid in my mind! All that shifting from side to side, fabric is bound to move!

  16. eenerbl, you didn’t mind it when you sat on the washing machine.

    also, your comment just reminded me of the best poesy i’ve ever read – when adam green rhymes ‘humanity’ with ‘huge manatee’.
    that’s the human condition all sewn up – game, set, match.

    also lol @ nuff – they dolphins be rapin errybody out here!

  17. I’m not going to lie alord, sometimes I just need that agitation.

    Also, that would be Llamatoes. oops.

  18. @ee

    Llama friction, no bueno 😉

  19. I really think it’s Kobe Bryant. Golden and purple colours are visible.

  20. What really happened is he had the tat done in China and the local artist asianised him lol Or the tattoo artist thought he said “I want a tat of the dalai lama but when he was young dude!”

  21. I know the last guy, he refs basketball at a men’s comp in NSW, Australia, my boyfriend plays and refs there as well. The tattoo is even more awful in person. I don’t understand why he would have got it done.

  22. There are worse people with animals than the first two. It seems like every time my wife and I go to the zoo some parent points to the lions and says to their young kid ‘look at the tigers!’ (or vice versa).
    I guess they all look alike to Cort.

  23. Actually alords, from what I’ve heard, dolphins really are rapin’ errbody out here. Apparently they are horny little bastards and it’s not uncommon for them to rape sea turtles.

  24. before you continue to target dolphins with your invidious smear campaign, the question i’d ask you, em, is this:

    who, given half the chance, wouldn’t rape a sea-turtle.

    i rest my case.

  25. I wouldn’t. I’d never be able to catch one.

  26. WOW!!!! I know I’m buzzed, But now I’m hallucinating too!? I’m seeing names that I haven’t seen in ages! Lamebook may have hope yet!

  27. No, I’m just a year late and a few million brain cells short… :/

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