Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Little Much

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  2. Oh dear. Only stupid people are breeding. There is no hope.

  3. Don’t believe what they tell you Alyssa, no man will want to have sex with you ever again because of your deformed vag, best get packing for that nunnery, oh yes.

    … and yeah Albert, fuck those fucking fuckers at the post office, I’m not going back either. Fucking pen-pushing, form-filling nazis.

  4. Paranoid you are being deliberately obtuse and you know it!

    Albert was not talking about the post office, he was specifically referring to those cum guzzling wank merchants at P&O ferries, the ferry sailing fuckpigs!

    You’ll never get me back aboard one of your light entertainment filled death houses’ you pretentious shits!!

  5. Eh the second one is not so bad. So she’s pregos and she’s worried, give the girl a break.
    And doesn’t it ask you if you want to use the location crap? She must have been super proud of her STD.:( Lame indeed.

  6. I agree. The second sounds like (a much more poorly spelled and worded version of) many conversations I had when pregnant with my wee one. Not big news.
    And the locations app only asks permission the first time, after that it updates on its own. Word to the wise: beware when clicking accept! Today you may just be at Starbucks… tomorrow who knows…

  7. Wow fb/iphone fail… deactivate that shyte

  8. re: the second post – I think the only part that makes it worrysome is the assumable age of those two. Based on structure and verbiage used, it would seem these two are young enough to be on an MTV pregnancy show.

  9. couldnt they have at least got rid of his pee cup first?

  10. @the first post

    Fact: We are dealing with a criminal and a prostitute.
    Fact: Neither one of these demographics is known for intelligence.
    Fact: You do not self test yourself unless you have good reason to believe that you will come out dirty/pregnant.

    Question: Is there good reason to assume that these idiots may have unknowingly got the specimens mixed up?

  11. Yes sideshow, and just so ya know, I almost spit coffee laughing when I read that 🙂 Thanks

  12. I hope everyone involved in the first two posts dies in a fire.

    And I’d like to know, what is it with American females and the whole “eveeeeeeeeeeeeeer” shit? Yes I know it’s to get more attention brought on themselves, but do any of the worthless clitbearers realize that if you’re excited and holding the sound of a word like that, you would hold the R, not the E?

  13. Thats strange, because I always believed that a test line is usually indicative of a positive result? Well eons ago when my wife used one I’m sure the line meant yes you are pregnant.

  14. @Jim_diGris
    today’s PG tests need 2 lines for a positive result. One line is the control line, and only if another line shows up are you pregnant.

  15. Damn that second line.

  16. Most pregnancy tests now say “Pregnant” or “not pregnant” to eliminate that line confusion!

  17. @sideshow We can only hope, for the sake of future sad lolz involving the FB profile of their spawn, that they mixed up the piss cups.

    @rockinghorsefly None of the ones here say that, except for one brand. Then again, the roads don’t have STOP painted on them at signs, either. *shrug*

  18. But… that drug test looks like it has 2 lines… isn’t that positive? I don’t know.

  19. I learned on Sober House that, on a drug test, the lines that are gone represent the drugs the testee (lol) is positive for.

  20. If that comment is removed before it is posted I don’t know what I can say anymore. It can’t be any worse than dolphins raping sea turtles. It really wasn’t that bad at all.

  21. I was about half unconscious the other night only to be awaken by my neighbors.(Damn duplexes!) He was ticked that she was being a prude beyotch and he was a little penis f@&&$t that couldn’t get it up without watching some form of “special” porn first. (This is all true unfortunately.) This continued to the wee hours of the morning with glass being broken and heads being smashed into the wall.

    The next morning I walk out the door tired and pissed with full intentions of letting them know about it. As I was walking up to their door I noticed clothes and other personal belongings strewn about the yard. As I stepped over a pile of of some of the weirdest sex toys I have ever seen I noticed a pregnancy test with two lines. I stopped dead in my tracks and turned right back around.

    Probably one of the better decisions I have made. Long story short. I have an extremely loud sound system. Later the next evening He was back and pounding on the door yelling, “I know he’s in there! Open the effing door beyotch!” I couldn’t resist. I turned both my speakers against the wall joining the houses, popped in a porn, and cranked it. It definitely made matters worse.

    Oh the sweet joy of revenge! Needless to say it has been quiet as a mouse for the last few days. Real Talk…

    Sorry, I had to make it moderation friendly.

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