Thursday, July 30, 2009

A new level of pathetic


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  1. oh Andrew. really?

  2. One can only assume (or hope) that the group was started with some sort of deal with juanita. Andrew acts like all you have to do is start a group and it automatically works to get your girlfriend back.

  3. What a little bitch. Trying to get his girl back through facebook? SHE DON’T WANT YOU HOMIE. Man up, grow some balls, find a new girl.

  4. What respectable black man still says homie?

  5. What respectable human being still uses AOL??

  6. i have a strong feeling that the title is referring to this guy’s ISP.

    i mean, the group is one thing, but AOL?

  7. what about the guy whose name is jordan dtf?
    really? must you display that you’re down to fuck in your facebook name?
    i smell desperation

  8. No, guys, this totally works. The one thing that gets feuding couples back together is peer pressure. 60% of the time, it works all the time.

  9. And whats strange is, people kept joining after 100.

  10. If I see one more person leave off the a from and, I’m going to start a group called “100 join me nd juanita can get back to adding A’s to our words when they are appropriately required for good.” Because clearly, if 100 people join, that bitch will have to start spelling right.

  11. lol Ben

  12. I’ve just joined his group. We must show solidarity! And I want to find out if Juanita takes him back.

  13. I want to join as well! I have to see how it ends. It’s so… bromantic?

  14. Ben – I think his chances might even go a little higher if he combines Sex Panther by Odeon with the peer pressure.

  15. It seems clear to me that the way to win her back is not with a facebook group or with noxious cologne, but by giving her two tickets to the gun show.

  16. I have to agree Ben. If this whole facebook group thing doesn’t work out, two tickets to the gun show might be the clincher….or the deal-breaker. I guess we’ll have to see. If anything, Jordan is dtf so there’s always that option waiting in the wings. Stay tuned to see what happens next.

  17. depresstionwhtdoseitmean

    I want to join it simply for ‘Jordan DTF’. At last! A girl with class enough to meet even my parents high expectations!

  18. Do we know for sure that Jordan is female?

  19. Now THIS is truly lame.

  20. Jordan IS female.

  21. Michelle – I looked at the Group and thought the most recent wall post made by Ben was quite appropriate

  22. There is nothing wrong with creating a communal of like-minded individuals in order to accomplish a mission. In our cases, we should understand that as plebeians, we may feel powerless, but if we all joined together, there may be an opportunity to for us to show the elite in our society that we will not take any more abuse.

  23. Ben, I really enjoyed the discussion you started… there’s just so much suspense!

  24. Here I thought Carla couldn’t spell “member,” but what she was really saying was “wow, you bagged 158 feebs.”

    Meme = “a pervasive thought or thought pattern that replicates itself via cultural means; a parasitic code, a virus of the mind especially contagious to children and the impressionable” (Urban Dictionary)

  25. I should start one of these for me and dignity.

  26. If this fails, he might as well start a petition asking for 100 signatures begging Juanita to get back together with him.

  27. My name says it all.

  28. @Ben

    The more of your statements I read the more Ive come to love you…………in a prison movie kind of way.

  29. Weel? What happened? Did juanita just melt upon seeing this totally mature and romantic declaration of love that isn’t obsessive and stalker-ish at all?

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