Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Much Too Much

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  2. shadowwhisperer

    That last one seems like a frape.

  3. You’re supposed to wait like 4-6 weeks after having a baby to have sex. That said, Crystal is a c**t.

  4. a frape by an asshole who has never actually farted in the tub? i mean seriously, how can you NOT smell it?

  5. also, what gwoodward said.

  6. Vic’s was on TFLN last week. Nice try, douche-monkey.

  7. I think Josh is more of c**t than Crystal is. Seriously, she just pushed a watermelon out of her body 13 days ago. She’s probably still got stitches down there, if they had to cut her. You can’t expect a woman to bounce back that quickly. That’s a bullsh*t thing to do to a woman.

  8. Agreed with c11k. Josh is a fucktard looking to reproduce at any cost. Josh needs to die a slow, painful, death.

  9. *A slow -COCKLESS- death, might I add.

  10. @throwingtofu In addition, Vic also said “I seen”. He is the worst in every way.

  11. @7: Yeah, but Crystal is just a callous bitch. At least Josh was born with his condition…Crystal chooses to be that way.

  12. What’s wrong with callous bitches?

  13. vaginalroundhouse

    Men are biologically designed to be horny, we cannot help it. I find myself looking at my cheerios and getting the urge to stick my dick in one of those. As for farting in the bathtub, who doesn’t love the smell of their own farts?

  14. I feel a bit sorry for your girlfriend, vaginalroundhouse, but at least small-dicked guys usually pick up quite a few other very satisfying tricks. I don’t discriminate

    And I don’t fart

  15. People who love the smell of their own farts are homosexuals.

  16. vaginalroundhouse

    Jealous wandr? Where does this small dick talk come from? Something you want to share with the rest of the class?

  17. Jealous? Well… no. Not particularly, I must admit.

    I would seriously worry if I sprouted a dick one day. I mean, I do have a few hanging around. But I don’t believe one should appropriate other people, therefore I won’t really call them mine. They do come in diverse sizes and are competent to varying degrees.
    But the fact that I find qualities for each of them is really what I meant to convey…

    Unless we’re talking about the clit=female dick thing, but even then, I’m not winning contests.

  18. LOL wandr hahaha, I love you lol!!

  19. crustylovelips

    wandr that was fantastic – though probably best not to read my username

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