Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Saw the Sign

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  1. i bet he cake is salty…

  2. Pearl necklace jokes are getting old.

  3. Yuck.

  4. First one is quite funny. Or is that just me?

  5. The cake is a lie.

  6. LOL

  7. If it was a hap-penis cake … then it should have had a vag as a friend.


  8. Like the “wedding” cake….hopefully the Hap-penis will last longer than the cake.
    And don’t worry 4.gingivitis…….it’s NOT just you 😀

  9. I understand the whole your/you’re thing on #3, but how is this funny? Not like he got the tat yet…then I would consider fail…

    you’re right though, gingivitis, i got a chuckle out of #1

  10. MonkeyCMonkeyDo


  11. #1 is awesome. Hopefully someone really did rearrange the letters and it’s not just photoshopped.

    Manor Bowl (or is it Man or Bowl) sounds like an interesting place.

  12. I’ll take some stuffed vag and a side of tits to go please.

  13. 2nd sign i love. and apparently nobody looked under the sign in the first one. the missing letters are on the ground..

  14. Stuffed Vag $5.99. That seems a little pricey to me, but I do have a coupon! One Stuffed Vag coming up!

  15. Hee hee – Rotisserie Dick for me, please

  16. Wait, is that tattoo a tribute to Air Bud? That guy is so stupid…the tattoo says 1998, but everyone knows Air Bud was released in 1997.

  17. the “hair” on that cake is making me gag

    And now I want to rent Air Bud and watch it again, thanks Sensible!

  18. ahaha… i know where manor bowl is. i’ve passed it many times in san leandro, ca.

  19. virgo79, it looks like a classy establishment, serving cocktails and all.

  20. MsBuzzkillington

    Someone message that chick with the tattoo fast. It is still on paper. Someone save her! There’s still time!

  21. @virgo79, holy crap! I thought to myself, “Self, that it looks familiar, but it would be too good to be true.”

    Many, many moons ago, I used to drive by that sign too. Much love to the 510 (formerly the 415)!
    ::pounds chest, and throws up the peace sign::

    @wordy, it’s alllllll class. Just like the rest of the area. Good times, mmm! 🙂

  22. frying pan

  23. To the Manor born… err, I mean bowl.

  24. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    miss shegas, you make me 😀

  25. wordy, it’s how we roll 😀

    monkey, glad I could share with you a little of my own personal brand of dark sunshine. That will be $5 American ;D

  26. pearls-before-swine

    Oh my God. That cake is… holy shit…

  27. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    check’s in the mail! hehe

  28. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    p.s. i wonder if the “hair” is dark-chocolate shavings or something. hmm…

  29. at least someone can tell the person that their tattoo is designed before they actually put it on their body. if that person has good friends, that is.

  30. How big are the tits at $4.99? Do they lactate? I’m just trying to get the most out of my money here.

    I’m tired of the penis cakes. I want to see cakes in the form of boobies or vagina.

  31. @Riz, no comments on the photo, even to say ‘yay a new tat!’ probably means she has no good friends. One could hold out hope for a considerate tattoo artist… :/

    I hope that white icing is flavored w/ pineapple.

  32. rebarbativebecc

    You’d think the person who submitted it would at least tell her that it’s wrong before she gets it done. Hopefully someone picked it up after the submission and told her.

    Maybe she has comments but the person who submitted them got rid of them for some reason.

  33. the person who puts the tattoo on her doesnt even have to tell her. out of courtesy or niceness.. maybe. it baffles me that someone would put something on their skin and spell it wrong. i mean, you’re stuck with it for life .. or unless you use a razor and cut it out of your skin (jk.. lol)

  34. The bride on the cake has had her hair highlighted with exactly the same thing coming out of the front of the cake…hmmm. Was it the groom who did it, or is the highlighting the reason the groom seems to have taken off and left her sitting there?

  35. Cocktails and (classy) bowling – not sure if that’s a good combination for someone with little coordination to begin with…
    Them balls get slippery!

  36. Am I the only one that looks at that cake and sees Jesus in a dress?…

  37. Dude! Manor Bowl made it on Lamebook. I live around the corner. This is almost as exciting as when I found out Radiohead filmed the video for “High and Dry” at Dick’s restaurant in San Leandro.

  38. thegreek – I was stoked to see Manor Bowl on lamebook, too! Good times at the Manor back in the day, bowling and then going to Porky’s. I’m ashamed to admit I was just at Guido’s the other night…

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