Thursday, May 20, 2010

It’s an All Out Battle

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  1. Benjamin

  2. Holy Shit! I won! I WON!
    Where’s the prize??

  3. Well done Pippi!

    I don’t get what she’s actually asking in the first one (I get the joke, but not why she’s posted that status).

  4. i don’t get the 3rd one.
    what’s up with tool shed and backhand button?

  5. @3
    Must have something to do with mounting stuff on the ceiling or something like that…

  6. lol

  7. the tool shed is the male version of the kitchen jokes (?) and the backhand is used to maintain control when a woman is found outside of the kitchen.

    or so i’m told.

  8. Ah, thanks Bill. I guess that kind of makes sense. My snap judgement, having only seen one status update, is that Erin is quite an irritating person.

    Now – #3 is a rubbish attempt to turn the rubbish “women belong in the kitchen” joke on it’s head, by saying “men belong in the tool shed”. Like I sad, all rubbish!

  9. I’m just glad that hairy naked dude has been moved down from the top of the page.

  10. Emma must have a laptop in the kitchen, if not, I’m confused.

  11. Points to Lamebook for not featuring a status where the ‘humour’ was a sandwich joke. Man I’m sick of those.

    Why, when I read number 1, did I immediately imagine that she wanted to call out her boyfriend for something but didn’t know what, so took suggestions?

  12. Walter Sobchak

    That silly woman club assumes I couldn’t be making jokes about women WHILE I was in the tool shed, which is completely illogical. Typical.

  13. But yeah, the tool shed thing was a fairly lame way of trying to ‘get back’ at the sandwich joke.

    Haha, talking of ‘battles’ between the sexes, does anybody else remember the secret plan from (apparantly) the entire female population to just post the colour of their bra and not explain what it meant, to confuse everyone? And then somebody told a guy, and then about a hundred half-arsed ‘revenge’ groups popped up like ‘let’s post our favourite place to have sex and not explain what it means!’, groups that women were still able to see and join…

    Man, this and sandwich jokes… sometimes I’m ashamed to be a guy.

  14. krasivaya_devushka

    A guy who makes women jokes all the time is probably single ’cause he’s a jerk 🙂

  15. Well played Phil! I think I am in love.

  16. Well, the kitchen makes for amusing jokes, but I can make sandwiches myself. The bedroom is a much better locale.

  17. oh joy, more sandwich jokes…..

  18. Ahhh let guys make their sandwich jokes. It’s the only way they feel “manly”… because at the end of the day they know women are the ones in charge and inevitably every 2 weeks they give us their paycheck.. haha 🙂

  19. Hobo, I’m pretty proud to say that while I had plenty of ladyfriends posting the bra color deal, none of my guy friends were lame enough to post any of those retorts. So, now I kinda feel good about my friends.

  20. @ MisspinK

    men should be allowed to make sandwich jokes because it makes them feel better about being inferior at sandwich-making.

  21. The DISHES… Do them NOW!

  22. they need to stop letting women take the laptop into the kitchen… 🙂

  23. lol

  24. @sabretooth
    it really does cut back on their productivity. Similar to mine at work sometimes…

    On that note, where’s WTG been lately?has her laptop finally been taken away?

  25. Kitchen jokes bore me…yawn. I do however have to confess that I make one damn good sandwich. Just saying.

  26. A guy who makes women jokes is probably single because he’s smart enough to see through women’s bullshit.

  27. @TylerDurden: But with his attitude, how the hell’s he getting sandwiches?

  28. lol@ the second one, my girlfriend joins the group too. She’s a keeper :]

  29. gotta love that shed


    These $%#$%* sandwich jokes are getting old.

  31. ^^^

    reactions like that means its starting to get funny again

  32. rockinghorsefly

    At least the sandwich/kitchen jokes make sense, and are sometimes funny. That tool shed thing just fails. Not funny or clever.

    And what exactly is #1 asking? I don’t quite understand…

  33. Eh, the toolshed one isnt funny.
    -God’s investment(His Son) in you, was SO great, he could NEVER abandon you!-

  34. Gender wars are getting old. what ever happened to making peace?

  35. Men gave up peace for sandwiches.

  36. I wonder if any of the men who make those “sandwich” jokes have a woman in the kitchen making them one? Because, as far as I’ve seen, they seem to all gather in what I’m heard is called a “sausagefest” and make jokes while the men who have a shred of decency and common sense are out with all the women. Hmm.

  37. edgebloom: That was pretty epic.

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