Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let’s Talk About Sex

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  1. It stars as a crack baby and grows up to be an ashole. I submit my brother as evidence.

  2. *starts

  3. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA I can’t stop laughing at both! hahahahahahhaha way to up the ante LB!

  4. So how do you use bold in a status update?

  5. Answer to Ebony’s question: asshole.
    Not from personal experience, I just know that since I know a guy who’s been born like that.

  6. prolefeedprocessor

    Ebony brings up a good point. You CAN get preggo from anal. Semen can leak right through.

  7. So very hairy.

  8. Noooooooooooo!
    Either wax your goddamned shoulders, or DO NOT sext people!

    Plus, clean your mirror, close the toilet lid, and pick your clothes up off the floor! I may be able to overlook a little excess body hair, but if I have to tell you things you should already learned from your mother there is no way I’m going to fuck you. Ugh.

  9. *should have

    Sorry. The speedo wearing wookie in the trucker hat freaked me right out.

  10. Wow, Tiger Woods has really let himself go recently.

  11. MissShegas – I don’t even think I can look over that amount of body hair on his shoulders. The chest and legs…okay. Shoulders? Nope.

  12. @mollyisme, I do have to concur. I was trying to be a little kind, but this is another one of those things that causes my vagina to slam shut, and run away from my body shrieking like an injured bunny.

  13. Okay, maybe it’s not technically NSFW, but that’s still something I don’t want to pull up with people around. D:

  14. #1 that is some dirty shoulder hair. is this the kinda dude who has sex with his hat one?

    #2 kippy’s!

  15. nc2896, in #1 he WOULD be the kinda dude who has sex with his hat on, but that would necessitate that he also be the kinda dude that gets to have sex. And that is not happening.

    And really, isn’t that for the best? Can you imagine how sloppy his technique would be, with the poor judgment and aesthetic choices thus far?

  16. Maybe #1 is a bear, if so, then shoulder hair is ok. I’m not a bear loving gay man, so I’m not sure. How interesting was that meeting for the person in #1, I bet that woke them up!

  17. snip, the last one is from That site is somewhat interesting to mindlessly search through; also shows how open some people leave their privacy settings.

  18. Seems kinda mean to humiliate the guy over a simple mistake by posting his picture up on Facebook. I bet if somebody did the same to him/her, they’d be piiissed…

    Sorry, I’m kinda starting to sound like I am that guy in the picture xD

  19. rebarbativebecc

    Maybe he’s an ACTUAL bear having bear-to-human surgery and that’s why he hasn’t learned basic skills and why he has excess hair…It’s the only reason I can think of as to why he thinks both are okay to take a photo of…

  20. Heh, I look at him and think “manbearpig?”

  21. Dammit Lamebook, now I’m going to have nightmares about the Speedo-loving wannabe bear.

    My bear-loving mate tells me that he just ain’t hairy (or chubby) enough to qualify. Poor manbearpig.

  22. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Sadly, my ex was FAAAAAAAARRRR hairier than that dude. (Very poor choice on my behalf.)I had to trim the hair on his back, shoulders, and chest with those trimmer – things guy’s use for their beards/head/etc. So glad he’s my ex. Having to mow the lawn and then follow it up with mowing his hair was getting a bit old!

  23. Think outside the box, girls. If you REALLY think about it, he’s actually hairless underneath all that hair.

  24. There’s an upside to everything.

  25. @MonkeyCMonkeyDo I’m so glad he is your ex too .. Not sure how you did that… I made an ex shave his chest for me once .. it was bad. Felt like I was choking on hair all the time..ewww

  26. cupid, like I said there’s an upside to everything, think about it, while you were chewing on the matted mess that was your ex’s chest, you were flossing at the same time.

    Dental duty done for the day. Sweet.

  27. rebarbativebecc

    Ewwww word 🙁

  28. Ebony, how do you think lawyers are born???

  29. ^^^… f you.

  30. Dear guy in the first picture. You are hot. Dont listen to these haters. The hairier the better. Lovin that treasure trail. If you get this message write back lets get in touch

  31. The first guy in the picture looks like a slimmer version of Larry The Cable Guy.

    Git ‘er done!

  32. I just registered to say: BritishHobo +1

    What I think is the most lame in #1 is that this woman has nothing most interesting to post than a text error in her fb page.

  33. bert_and_pattie

    Go Ness! Like your style!

  34. Walter Sobchak

    Pop culture suggests that hairless men and surgically modified, anorexic women are the most attractive and the simpletons amongst us believe it wholeheartedly.

  35. Boy, if I had a dime for every time I sent a half naked picture of myself to a complete stranger by accident…

  36. lol

    That guys right nipple looks like it’s running for the toilet.

  37. BeautifullyDizzy

    @Snip I’m guessing that the bold was the search result for a search that someone used at openbook or something.

    #1 Do my eyes deceive me or does that guy have horrifyingly hairy shoulders. Grosssss!!!!

  38. The first one looks a lot like my flatmate. It’s NOT him, but it does look a lot like him…

  39. BeautifullyDizzy

    Ooops, sorry, I just saw that Snip’s question was already answered.

    #1 Is it just me or is the Human Fur-ball lacking a neck??

  40. Distinctly neckless.

  41. krasivaya_devushka

    Damn, that’s too much hair right there. Gross!

  42. CommentsAtLarge

    So he posed in man-kini briefs and… a baseball hat? WTF? Seems a bit like leaving your socks on. Not seeing how nut-huggers and a hat would drive the ladies crazy.

  43. PeanutButtercup

    @Comments… so true

    And I agree that there is nothing wrong with a little hair, but those shoulders!?!?

  44. damn dude…. i only signed up to be able to post comments because of this picture… and now no word from you…. i’m hurt…. sext me back hairy man 🙂

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