Wednesday, May 19, 2010


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  1. I actually think this is quite clever…and on a side note…I would love to have my booty plundered…

  2. Strong start Shiloh, but you died at the end, literally.

  3. That is a good one!

    @wordpervert: excellent observation.

  4. I was totally into it until Shiloh died… and haven’t we seen Shiloh on here before in another sexually adventure

  5. ^sexual
    damn guess Shiloh got to me haha

  6. Ah, give it credit for trying. Sexually.

  7. tiger woods
    I drove into her deep with my wood, laid her fairway and finished in her hole

    bea aurthor
    i knocked her saggy tits aside, blow the dust off her pussy and finished with a gummer

    on another note I would love to plunder me some booty

  8. sexually

  9. I wanted to punch Shiloh in the face until the Bea Arthur bit. That actually did make me laugh!

  10. Never heard of Bea Arthur.

  11. Bea Arthur is that dude from the Golden Girls.

  12. lol


    and Bea Arthur’s not a dude. She’s one of the Golden Girls.

  14. I am a fan of Shiloh.

    Slim, way to go for making the x-rated version with Bea Arthur. As that is something I never needed a mental image of.

    I think it is a problem I was slightly turned on by his post. Sexually. I need laid. haha

  15. Why did it go from eh innuendo to just… listing things she did? Sexually.

    Fuck, I sold out. For a cheap laugh. That wasn’t even funny. Can you forgive me?

  16. I think you are actually obligated to become a sell out at this point, Hobo.

  17. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    I have to think about it Hobo :/ give me some time

  18. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Shiloh most definitely had a strong start… he didn’t quite finish with much of a flourish did he?

  19. Shiloh is my cat’s name…

    Would like to see the Ninja version.

  20. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Quite anti-climatic. Sexually.

  21. I snuck into her room, stabbed her with my sword and then dissapeared into the night sky. Sexually.

    …The ninja sounds more like a rapist to me.

  22. Anti-climate, sexually, now there’s a new one. I wonder how that would work.

    I have an odd urge to see the ninja one, too. But I’d also like to put in requests for the politician, the figure skater, the action hero, and the kinky, but stinky, trucker.

  23. I would like to see Lawyer….

  24. I chased down her ambulance, fiddled with my briefs and gave her my large bill. Sexually ?

  25. I’m sure Shiloh meant the last one to be just as it was – it’s non sequitur and funny.

  26. I though Shiloh was hilarious. And clever.

  27. I love Shiloh.

  28. shiloh ftw. i want to be his friend….not sexually.

  29. Walter Sobchak

    I strolled through her lawn, breathed in her roses, and rang her bell. Neighbourly.

  30. @NitroMidget:

    Politician – I asked for her contribution, made her promises, and then fucked her. Sexually.

    Figure skater – I laced up her goods, gave her my triple axel, and then threw my rose at her. Sexually.

    Action hero – I gave her cheesy one liners, diffused her bomb, and then gave her an explosion. Sexually.

    Trucker – I gassed her up, checked her tire pressure, loaded my cargo, and then went to town on her. Sexually.

  31. Chuck Norris – I just fucking killed everyone. Sexually.

  32. Hahaha Nice ones Katy

  33. BEST POST EVER…well, in a long time

  34. CommentsAtLarge

    nice Katy!

  35. dirtylittlepretty

    damnit…i still love you slim.

  36. LOL, very classy

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