Wednesday, May 19, 2010


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  1. anotherusername

    that was a pretty good burn about the sandwhich

  2. If those boys in the pic are gay, they really need to up the ante on their dress sense. Most gay men would never be caught dead in clothes like that.

  3. Trisha’s so upset that she lost the ability to write.

  4. And I’m trying to figure out which one is Eunice.

  5. I had no idea what Trisha was saying. I had to re-read it as I was reading it for it to make any sense.

    -God’s investment (His Son)in you was SO great, he could NEVER abandon you!-

  6. Luke honey, other than the music downloading, you really need to get out more if you think THAT’S a crazy night.

  7. Yeah… I hope Luke was practicing irony.

  8. Eleanie, if you’re dressing as an oompa loompa for sexual purposes, you were fucked well before last night. Were the furries too “normal” for you?

  9. Looking at those boys, they all look like a version of each other.

    Gay triplets?

  10. Jared FTW

    As far as which one is ‘Eunice’, who knows… gay men will give a female name to practically anything. It could even be the lamp.

    Re: Luke, I’, with Vox on that one. Otherwise Luke is probably a major loser or maybe a Mormon (what kind of night is it if you don’t even sin and have one of those fatty and unhealthy cookie things?).

  11. i think luke was being sarcastic… however I doubt he was expecting her response

  12. Also, @elixabeth: Regarding your signature (which I assume you manually paste into each post): If God is basing his commitment to his investments on how much they cost him, he really needs to take an economics course and learn about sunk costs and why you shouldn’t throw good money after bad.

  13. TylerDurdenUMD

    Sensible Madness FTW.

    And Trisha needs to bring me a sandwich too. I’m at work and I’m fucking hungry.

  14. although i am tired of the woman jokes, chasen made me laugh.

  15. I like Doug’s album name, and I’m sure they’d want to do that too, if they haven’t already.

  16. Trisha, you should be upset as a mother who’s kid throws out your sandwiche’s because they’re so terrible.

  17. MonkeyCMonkeyDo


  18. Anyone notice the album w/ the dudes says “3 Queens in a King”

  19. Jdan I laughed at the album name

  20. Searched Eleanie on fb figuring it couldn’t be too hard to find her based on the name + the purple thing in the profile pic. No purple thing but I think she’s the one with the profile pic of ten people dressed up as Oompa Loompas.

    /bored at work, OK?

  21. Luke is being sarcastic.

    How do you people get through life, hoenstly?

  22. honestly. lols

  23. I’m thinking there is a porn video called oompa loompas gone wild staring Eleanie somewhere out there

  24. One would hope Luke is having her on, but who can really tell for sure? One person’s noodle eating and cat games, is another person’s sex romp as an Oompa Loompa.

  25. You know, I’d rather spend my night cooking noodles and whatnot than getting fucked dressed as an Oompa Loompa.

    Then again, maybe that’s just me.

  26. mmm… noodles…

  27. Chasen ftw, however; wtf kind of name is Chasen!

  28. I wouldn’t ignore that pussy. It wants petting.

  29. I admit. I searched facebook for Eleanie after I read the above comment about finding her.

    I’m kinda disappointed actually. I was hoping for the whole nine yards: green wigs, bloomer pants, fluro-orange skin. They kinda just look like the crew from Jersey shore.

  30. lol

  31. Yup that’s her. And going through her friends list, the other guy in the post is Luke Cage Haslett.

  32. Oh my GORDON! That 3rd one made me laugh so much! xDD

  33. I thinks posts 2 and 3 may be connected

  34. Oh, man! Women making sandwiches! Fucking win, dude! Next we’ll go fucking blow off our girlfriends for the Xbox! Fucking win!

  35. BritishHobo, I read that as you blowing off your girlfriend while they were PLAYING Xbox, and thought the same.


    It’s about friggin’ time we got a little of that sexist equality. It’s kinda fun, damn it.

    As for Eleanie-nothing beats the Oompa Loomped!

  36. “dcrearview May 19th, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    Chasen ftw, however; wtf kind of name is Chasen!”
    Ask your girlfriend, she was screaming it for a few hours last night.

    Awesome that someone got this on there, I took a lot of heat for that from a lot of women who should have been in the kitchen instead of on the internet.

  37. Chasen is frodo, and he has no pool.

  38. Well Chasen, it seems as though you can stand the heat, so I think it’s YOU that should be in the kitchen.

  39. Eleanie has A LOT of friends in Oompa Loompa attire…… I’m sensing a strange fetish club.

  40. Chasen just got pwned by word, my favorite girl in the world!

  41. word ftw!

  42. Sure, I can man the kitchen. Someone has to watch the oven while the women are doing our laundry.

  43. pearls-before-swine

    “Terribly hit the back of my car.”


  44. Pearls Before Swine is the greatest comic strip ever.

  45. i once almost hit someone when i first started driving. i cut them off completely, and felt really bad, but they had a burrito in their mouth and threw up their hands really quick in panic…

    the site was hilarious. also, if you’re driving,why would you throw you’re hands up in the air (like you just don’t care)… put them on the wheel.

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