Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sum1 Lame



Dear Gloria,

I think your boy Gavin just misspelled sum1. Here is the correct response.

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  1. They sound like siblings. Gloria and Gavin.

  2. fgts

  3. Candy Blackmail
  4. i really hope Gloria is his “girlfriend.”

    it would make for some fabulous alliteration.

  5. they are in a “complicated” relationship. it’s so awk.

  6. Ha that is quite awkward indeed.

  7. why, why, why can’t people spell shit correctly. . . does it make it that much more cool to add some numbers, incorrect letters and leave letters off to a status? I don’t think so. ugh. My generation makes me angry.

  8. Amen, Brittany, Amen.

  9. I don’t get it.

  10. This seems to be a miscommunication of some sort. Gavin is obviously reciting some form of prose or lyric that had intoxicated his mind. With some poor judgment, he chose to materialize his thoughts into a Facebook status update. Unfortunately, Gloria found his post to be offensive to their relationship. Now, they probably made up face to face as there were no other updates to this for the past 16 hours, otherwise he would be trying to desperately gain her attention–after the missed calls, he’d explain his position in reply to her status update–and there would be much more to this story than the abbreviated thread we see now.

  11. Gratz mao. seriously what would we do without you?? HAHAHAAHA LOSER

  12. Chairman Mao should change his name to Captain Obvious.

  13. Captain Obvious why? He’s explaining the post for the user ‘danineteen’ who didnt “get it”.

  14. Dude…the only thing that made this post decent was the link to Fat Lip by Sum 41…

  15. Pwned.

  16. mrow

  17. I love chairman mao. Makes these posts tolerable.

  18. Does anyone else see that MISSSPELLED IS MISPELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Uh… no, it isn’t. You, however, misspelled it twice, and used excessive exclamation points.

  20. I hate them.

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