Thursday, July 30, 2009

Balls Deep

Balls Deep

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  1. Wow, way to bring out the romance

  2. From Here to Eterni-lame

  3. ummm, does he have no legs? and does she have tiny child-size legs? what am i missing?

  4. @steve:

    Epic judgment fail. Her leg is angled at about 90 degrees. Her knee is in his armpit.


  6. I still maintain that Steve is right and he doesn’t have legs

  7. I hope their kids read that comment.

  8. Yeah, that looks like awful beach weather.

    And most people would shave for their wedding.

  9. This looks like a Bryan Adams music video

  10. I told you all about shrinkage !!!

  11. Jimbo FTW

  12. This looks like a fake wedding if ever I saw one.

  13. This has to be one of three things: a Bryan Adams music video, a fake wedding, or last but not least, one of those cheesy Britney Spears perfume commercials.

  14. Lol @ Talitha. Tis a sweet photo, but a bit weird 😛

  15. Talitha is the bride in the picture. This early in the relationship, it is quite obvious that she will emasculate her husband until he is no longer a man but a tiny nub under her corn-covered sole. And if this is not the case, then Talitha must be Spencer’s confidant and his wife in the photograph may have yet another problem to deal with in that her newlywed partner is divulging intimate information to this woman. That spells doom to the relationship in no more than 7 years.

  16. harsh Mao.. your ruining this site. fuck off

  17. Mao is one of those people who uses big words to sound more intelligent, but ends up sounding like a moron.

  18. I can’t believe how many people take Mao at face value. What are you humorless knobs even doing on Lamebook to begin with?!

  19. Ha…….lame

  20. Niggers.

  21. chairman,

    amazingly inappropriate comment.
    well done, sir. well done.

  22. but i agree…Niggers

  23. Chairman Mao is my idol

    i swear to god the only reason why i even read the comments is to see what Chairman Mao had posted are a genius in my eyes not even kidding!!

    Mao for president!

  24. fyi for the people wondering why she’s in the ocean in her dress…a lot of people do a “trash the dress” photo session a few weeks after the wedding just for fun

  25. Jesus Christ on a stick! She has some fat fucking fingers!

  26. I maintain I’ve seen cheesier wedding photographs.
    And the lady’s got man hands.

  27. #24 So…People pay thousands of dollars for a dress they are only going to wear once, and then several weeks later….DESTROY IT? Doesn’t that seem amazingly pointless? It makes the whole wedding a huge waste of money.

  28. And it’s shanemanic for the win! For best definition of a wedding you’ve won… Nothing. Oh and for those still wondering where his legs are, this is titled “Balls Deep” well he literally is.

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