Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Way to Empathize

Way to Empathize

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  1. Hey Samantha, do me a favor and kill yourself while you’re still alive you disgusting bag. KTHNXBYE

  2. Evan – Am I reading this correctly? Are you sure you are referring to the right person? I mean I realize she spelled epilepsy wrong, but I really don’t see anything wrong with Samantha remembering her brother on what is most likely the anniversary of his passing. Unless you know this Samantha character personally and actually think she is a “disgusting bag”.

  3. I did, however, find Michael’s response to be pretty douchebag-ish.

  4. I think they meant Michael was the douche. There couldn’t be a better title for this.

  5. Mike sounds like my kind of guy as far as humor goes lol

  6. “My dog has epilepsy. But she’s still alive because we, you know, take her to the vet.”

  7. My ratcoon has epilepsy.

  8. hahaha

  9. Wow, how embarrassing. I meant to say Michael there.

    I have failed 🙁

  10. MEGALOLZ @ Stephen

  11. ^^^^

    funniest thing ever! I love FOTC.

  12. @Stephen^: what the hell is a ratcoon?

  13. danineteen, in a previous lamebook entry, a girl called the animal who tore up her cat a ratcoon; of course, we know it should’ve been called a raccoon.

    or is that a different story? are simba and ratcoon in the same entry? i swear all of these dolts are alike in their respective idiocies.

  14. All hail the Ratcoon!

  15. I hate people like Michael that feel the need to relate terrible things to themselves no matter how trival their own experience is. I honestly had an IRL conversation almost exactly like this post.

    “My grandfather died, I’m pretty sad.”
    “Yeah, I was pretty sad when my dog died last year.”

    No that dogs dying isn’t sad, but really.

  16. wow… I bet that was comforting

  17. dogs can get epilepsy? wow!

  18. ratcoons 4eva

  19. i, too, have eplsey. terrible affliction.

  20. epic win

  21. i shouldn’t be laughing… sorry. lol.

  22. Nice to know.

  23. Honestly, I laughed at this one. Probably because it was so douchey.

  24. I’m not going to lie, I laughed at this. It was made completely by the “my dog has epilepsy” line.

  25. Nick, your the guy who ruins the joke by saying why the joke is funny. Dickhead.

  26. RJ, you’re the guy who never passed basic grammar because he’s unable to tell the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. Dickhead.

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