Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Background Checks




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  1. thisistotallymyhat

    i live in nottingham…disgraceful

  2. Is the girl in the first picture in the process of being murdered? Maybe if everyone else wasn’t so busy staring at that other girl’s ass, they could save her.

  3. The girl crying literally made me laugh out loud. I’m such a kind soul.

  4. Do these girls own panties, or are they just wearing thongs that got lost in box canyon?

    Never as good as the dude fingerbanging his date on the dancefloor.

  5. I can’t help but laugh when I see this girl crying but then I stop dead and admire her dress. What a nice prom dress….oh look, they caught her crying! Hahahahahahahaa!


  7. i think they’re more likely those ridiculous glasses the dj’s give out as party favors than goggles. BUT i could definitely be wrong, and it would be a lot funnier if she was, in fact, wearing goggles.

    i laughed for a good minute at the last one. amazing.

  8. I see that Britain has ho’s too

  9. I’ve never seen more perfect pictures for my “Shirt or Dress?” blog ever. EVER.


  10. I think the goggles might actually be a ridiculous hair thing on the blond chick in the foreground? It looks like there’s a connection to her head.

  11. Lol more like “background cheeks” hehe

  12. Those goggles make that girl look like the fucking blue thing in Hellboy

  13. oh_really_now_come_on

    Ah, typical Nottingham bastards. I am pretty sure that is a Lloyds. Fucking dive. God I miss that city!

  14. The second one made me laugh, I am ashamed.

  15. I like how they undauntedly put up that picture of her crying without making any reference to it on their page. PROM 2K9!! Ha ha ha, as if they didn’t notice, why not photoshop the poor girl out? She has to go to the same school as them as if being in that moment wasn’t harmful enough having that spread around.. hope it’s her senior year anyway…

  16. @Lulla: I wouldn’t be ashamed. I liked the second one, it’s a perfectly captured moment, and it is quite funny to see the contrast between the smiling girls and the one whose world just seems to have fallen apart.

    Also, are they wearing the same dress in two different colours? That’s a bit lame.

  17. @ 13 – yep, I’m pretty sure that’s Lloyd’s as well.

    No surprise to see that it doesn’t appear to have gone upmarket since the last time I was there.

  18. It’s not a prom until a girl starts crying!

  19. I have to ask, but is the girl in the background of the 1st picture the same girl as the one in the last picture here?

  20. What, no tag for the crying girl?? Lame.

  21. OvoOno…it does kinda look like the same girl.

  22. Hold on what fucking language has facebook been set to for picture 3?

    “Retreat to th’ portrait book”

    “In this ‘ere portrait”

    Is this an example of those stupid pirate settings I keep hearing about on here?

  23. Aye this be the pirate settings thee be hearing about argh!

  24. yeah, it’s definitely lloyds bar. it could have been pitcher… when i was at school i watched a girl in my year get fingered on the dance floor in tantra (unwillingly, i might add…).

    anyone else from nottingham on here get in touch. i didn’t realise that ‘lame’ had spread to the provinces.

  25. hahahahahahah that second pic’s fkn _anazing_, total class!
    _They’re_ the sorta pictures which should be winning awards, much better thanx managing to capture the moment some wild hairy beast sticks his cock up another one’s arse or some rare invertebrate with a life expectancy of less than a second (or wotever else wins the photography prizes)

  26. Lmao I’ve done what the girl in the 3rd ones done before and tagged it too :p I think I’m a hoot

  27. I think that blonde girl’s just wearing sunglasses. Indoors. So I hate her. And this Lloyd’s place looks pretty nice for a dive bar. Much better than some of my college hangouts where girls peed in the bathroom sinks and I once almost touched vomit on the wall next to the bar. Oh, Jungle’s.

  28. There is a lot of hand cheek action in the first photo (I count two possibly three separate groping maneuvers in close proximity). Maybe it is some sort of synchronized dance move.
    But then again, it has been scientifically proven that: beer + chick + dance floor = a hand full of ass.

  29. This one actually made me wince a little with guilt,

    You see I was supposed to be taking the young lady in photo 2 to that very prom, but unfortunately I was a no show, hence her crying 🙁

    You see by a bizarre twist of fate, I’m actually the mystery man in photo 3 who is trying to slip my finger up that lasses bum so I could do my ventriloquist gag.

    These events took place on the same night, I had to let one of em down and there was no way the uptight prom girl was gonna give up as much as the Notty Slut

  30. Lol is the 2nd one crying because she didn’t realise that everyone else was wearing exactly the same dress to prom

  31. @ alordslums
    I’m Derby, which is pretty close to Nottingham. when i was at school i watched a girl in my year get fingered on the dance floor in Zanzibar (This too, was viewed unwillingly… and as I recall it was late in the day and dance floor was rather empty)

  32. @ llayma

    ASIFFF. i’ve been there. zanzibar. you look around and oops you see a girl getting fingered by a guy she doesn’t even know.. but that’s derby for ya.

  33. photobomb!

  34. @ superdry

    Damn straight. A night in Derby is never uneventful!

  35. @31 – if you’re in Derby, you have to work for British Rail or Royce’s, right? 😉

    She probably started doing a Notts Mile, and left her knickers behind about 3 bathroom stalls ago. Pulling up, pulling them down – Fuck, I’m too drunk for this shit! And into the bin they went.

  36. thisistotallymyhat

    Yeah, it’s definitely Lloyds. I’ve seen some terrible things in oceana though…

  37. That bitch crying is fuckin’ WIN.

  38. I love the crying girl. My prom was a disaster too!

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