Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday TypOHs!






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  1. Mr Haiku… hilarious!

  2. Matt*

  3. Sorry I took so long rocking up to this one I was busy lecturing on pro-nouns at the international language creation forums in Las Vegas.

    I am actually the co-creator of the English language, a young lad named Denzel Washington, a blonde bombshell named Moira Hindley and I invented it back in 1974 in a cafe on Dagenham High Street.

    To put the question to bed I can confirm that you’re all correct and anybody who misspells ANY word is a word mangling cunt

  4. Imamofo – it’s Myra Hindley not Moira, oops

  5. Chairman Lmao – Not its not. You’re thinking of the child killing serial killer, I’m referring to the co-inventor of the English language. You sicko.

  6. I did a spit-take on that last one.

  7. not lame enough to warrant witicism, OMOO and I have nothing to add to the age old tomaaaato, tomahhhhto debate. Well, maybe I do.

    Language is a tool folks not a religion. The whole point, and ya’ll WILL correct me if I’m wrong – is that language is a means to assist in communication. So whatever works in getting your point from person A to person B is acceptable. I think. Now go ahead and tell me in perfect king’s english why I am a dumbass.

  8. HOLY FUCK. The above comments took longer to read than War & Peace.

  9. the post from griffen is too funny, i have tears in my eyes ( i am black and hate the n word) but it’s too funny.

  10. I see they blurred out the “ig” in N**ger…

  11. The blurring of N**ger was done later.

    One of my comments some time ago was deleted because of using the word snig.ger (remove the dot) in a completely innocent context. Well, that’s political correctness for you. Totally misplaced and a major pain in the ass for rational people.

  12. He must have been growing cotton.

  13. worst_episode_ever

    over 100 frickn posts in and still no one’s translated the first one? seriously man what the fuck does that say?

  14. I can’t wait to have a beer.

    What are you doing tonight Pipkin?

    I don’t know baby, what about you?

    Have a beer for me please Chick.

    I’m going to Manchester tonight baby.

    Oh I will, how long have you got now? (pregnancy)

    Ooo, who are you going with?

    Sar and Rosie, come if you are not doing anything.

    Have you got a taxi baby?

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