Friday, August 27, 2010

Replied and Denied

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  1. Maybe she’s secretly Wolverine? That would explain the ‘Bub’.

  2. lmao, nice… wolverine.

    i call my dog bub…

  3. I’m guessing Wolverine’s comment was deleted? I don’t see it on this thread anywhere.

  4. You’re out of your element du.

  5. lol @ defectiveuser I mean the actual Wolverine with the adamantium claws n all. He says ‘Bub’ a lot.

  6. I guess I am. I never seen the movie.

  7. … Wow. Had to make an account because the stuff on the 16th was hilarious. first one I tune into now is rather depressing….



  8. Longtime reader, and just wanted to let you all know that zombiekid appears to be alive and well on the CNN website as a commenter:

    Yes, he still likes turtles.

  9. Thank god, I was starting to get worried for the little guy.

  10. Proposal story: My dad asked my mom to marry him, and she responded with, “Who, me?” He said, “…yes…” She said, “You’re kidding!” He said, “I’ve known you’re the one for me since I looked across the room and into your beautiful blue eyes.”

    Her eyes were green.

    Oh, and she was pregnant, too. Maybe that’s what made her eyes change color.

  11. Meghan’s response was actually pretty tame.

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