Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pregnant and Prepared

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  1. comparethemeerkat

    That is so British it hurts. She’s probably from Stevenage.

  2. hmmm so sad really.

  3. That sounds wayyyy too fake, honestly. Who in the hell says they’re going to party, then say they “forgot” about a damn ultrasound. It’s not like the bitch doesn’t know she’s pregnant! Ugh, I call fake on this one.

  4. Anybody remember the fake days of ‘this baby dead!’

  5. So Lee has a pregnant chick fetish. Not only that, but his Hannibal Lecter style of speech makes me believe that he’s just looking forward to eating the placenta.

  6. Hell yeah Saffer, that baby dead!

  7. Ultrasound, I never really liked that term.

    I much prefer Wombscope.

  8. What a dumb broad. Poor deformed, premature, cancerous baby.

  9. Irish.

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