Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Doggy Difficulties

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  1. First, raped and called either a teen or a child molester by the projecting, child sex obsessed pederast, PissHead.

  2. You know, I was just about to unlike this page on Facebook, but this is one of my favourite posts on here. And now back to internet language:

    Very trubble
    Such misbehave
    Bad doge

  3. I love_I love Stever

    Third!! I love I love Stever!!

  4. A sliding glass door that opens to a deck box?

  5. Aww… those doggies are so cute!

  6. @ 1, teen and/or child molester! Oh, you predicted that. Must be a common occurrence for you? Pommie twat

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  8. If you keep believing in dogs understanding “time out”, it’s your own fault if they rape you tonight.

  9. ^i knew a dog from Denmark, fantastic sense of humour, unlike you. He was a great dane.

    P.s. By those dogs submissive posture(ears down and tails tucked in), they’ve been trained to perform this amusing little trick, so they do actually “understand”.

    Now if we could only train you to be funny….

  10. the title was so promising…

  11. I’d fuck the one on the left. the other two are a little woof.

  12. I don’t understand pet “shaming” Are your dogs on Facebook and able to read and understand English? No you say?

    You’re a stupid twat.

  13. It’s like the blair witch project.

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