Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You Can Count on Rebecca

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  2. ^ Steeeever. No.

  3. Put a cock in it Steeeever.

    (What? What’s that you say?? No, no there was no typo on my end.)

  4. STEEEEEEEEVERRRRRR first again, you knobs!


  5. ^ you should be doing your math homework instead of jerking off to the Kmart catalogs. Log off now boy

  6. If you’re to dumb to get this one, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  7. ^If you keep posting this failed theme, it’s your own fault if we ultimately decide you’re more annoying than Steever, Elsior, and PowderedToastMan.

  8. OMG. After you told me that, I’m afraid I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

  9. “If you’re to dumb to get this one, it’s your own fault if you get raped!”

    Oh the irony, it’s like our own lamebook submission. “Too” by the way, for the learning impaired/Dane.

  10. I thought Powdered Toast Man was a little funny.

  11. I love_I love Stever

    I got 92 problems but I Love Stever ain’t 4!

  12. For fuck’s sake, please let this day end soon. Rest of the week off, no fucking Lamebook. Why do I torture myself?

  13. I miss MsAnne

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  15. How does #s 38 and 42 tell us 2 of the 25 things that we don’t know about the OP? Highlighting that Rebecca is a dumbass was funny though.

  16. fucking amen to that nails and old noob! do you agree that this new Stever is fucking balls, and also, that the @dm1n are actually these new regular shitcunts?

  17. Agreed, Jenny.
    And funny you mention that, oldnoob; I was just saying that the other day. I could go for a good ol’ dose of her abuse right now.

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  19. I’m even missing beatusmongos ffs…

  20. But it’s so easy, I’m surprised none of you got it. 25 is 37 in hex.

  21. ^ Um… or just, who fucking cares?

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