Tuesday, November 26, 2013

That Kinda Guy

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  2. Way to go buddy!!
    Nascar sucks balls

  3. Who doesn’t watch Nascar for the crashes?
    Or for the groovy chicks who love cars.


  4. Hmm, never thought I’d agree with Steeeever. Nascar does suck balls.

  5. @Zatkins, exactly. There really isn’t any other reason to watch NASCAR.

  6. Around and around they go. How does anyone like that Shit? (Rhetorical)

  7. If you keep having spiders crawling all around on you, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

  8. I thought people watched NASCAR for the beer.

  9. I like beer.
    The only good Nascar team is sponsored by the RCMP! WooHoo! Go Canada and your world-renowned domination of all sports and other great things that cause people to look at your citizens with envy simply because they get to live in such a marvelous and wonderful place!

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  11. #6 – There are actually a few road courses on the NASCAR circuit. Those are the best, too, because the drivers are so confused by the right turns.

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