Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Pair of Parents

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  1. I call BS on that second one; no self-respecting dad is going to put up with crap like that from his own kid regardless of how retarded he/she is for forgetting that Dad is on their network.

  2. Oops, there I go blindly assuming that all dads are self-respecting. My bad. Either way, this definitely looks like yet another case of the apple not falling far from the tree.

  3. The reason your child should never be your “friend” on facebook.

  4. If Zach was my son I’d have drowned him fosho

  5. White people need to beat their kids.

  6. Anna Marie sounds like she’d be a fun ride. I’d certainly give her headlights a good once over. Insert my dipstick to make sure she was well lubricated. Go in through the back door to make sure access was uninhibited. Testarossa! I blow a rod, and leak fluid everywhere.

  7. When I was a Pussy Doctor I used to put my patients at ease by playing Whale music and spiking their water with Royhpnol.

    If my dad threatened to cut off my internet… I’d be very surprised, he’s been buried in my back yard for the last two years.

  8. I remember that, Imamofo. It was tranquil and nice.

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