Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Brain Hurts

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  1. Vincent_Valentine


  2. Wow… please tell me Cynthia wsa trolling

  3. *was

  4. I wonder how long it took her to type all that nonsense

  5. Tara’s a racist, ageist, sexist cow.

  6. Judging by the way she writes… I can’t understand why people think she doesn’t understand english…. hmmmm…. weird! xD

  7. her ‘me no speaky english’ comment was, of course, not racist at all.

  8. How does anybody ever get to a point in their life where by THAT is actually the “normal” way to type?.

  9. No shit, Tara.

  10. hootie the blowfish

    I don’t know what is better, Tara’s brilliant “I think it’s due to society” insight or Cynthia’s “me no speaky English” racist bit. Both are hilarious.

  11. Many white males find themselves the most qualified applicant for a job but then are rejected because the employer had to meet affirmative action quotas. I blame the legal system for this discrimination.

  12. I didn’t make my high school basketball team. They said it was because I couldn’t dribble, shoot, pass, defend, run, etc., but I knew it was because I wasn’t a black fella.

  13. No me speaky English had me ROFL… is that wrong?

  14. Later that day…….

    Teacher: So, Tara. The Titanic was an incredible tragedy. What factors do you think played a part?

    Tara: Maybe the ocean? Water, for sure.

  15. Sounds like Cynthia is ethnically mexican. Other immigrants have said before, they often get treated worst by americanized members of their own ethnic group. For example that asian college student from some time back who did an experiment by dressing and speaking stereotypically asian immigrant (he was born in the US and spoke perfect english and normally dressed typically american). He said he got the worst treatment from americanized asians.

  16. mad2physicist…nah, that’s just what white guys get told because everyone knows how insecure they are, and that the more insecure, the higher the likelihood that they’ll be carrying a weapon.

  17. First off, I don’t get it: when you find yourself in another country, as an immigrant, should you not expect a certain degree of discrimination?

    Secondly, I need to friend someone who actually types like Cynthia; I need to ask them if it really takes them less time to type like that.

  18. @Keyser: I think Cynthia’s horrific typing may have clouded the real point of her rant: she’s NOT an immigrant, she’s just hispanic, and yet some ignorant people treat her as if she’s foreign. Although from her “no speaky English” comment I think it’s safe to assume that she is also (possibly unknowingly) racist…perhaps it’s due to society.

  19. @mad2physicist

    Cite your source. “Affirmative action” quotas do not exist for anything, much less private employment, which is not even subject to the affirmative action requirements that public contracts and public education has.

  20. @Keyser, many of my wife’s cousins type like that, and I absolutely hate it. It’s the “Mexican” version of “l33t sp34k,” which I also hate. I’ve asked that question before, and the answer is that it takes quite a bit longer to type that crap than it does to type like I am, now. They do it because they think it’s cool, or they think it’s some type of code. I guess it prevents parents from knowing what they are saying, but if you ask me, it prevents everyone from knowing what they are saying.

    @HamHocksnBeans, I can’t exactly cite the source, but I can tell you that may dad, when he was trying to hire for his business many years back, had to turn away several very qualified individuals in order to hire people from certain ethnic backgrounds in order to fulfill his Affirmative Action quota. The funny thing is, there was no requirement for Asians…

  21. @beatus, I guess they figured asians could take care of themselves, huh? Thanks for the reply.

  22. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    This the kind of poorly-executed research that the tabloid newspapers are full of. Self-selection of sample, no control group, do blinding and no data concerning the demographics of the sample to at least attempt to ensure you have a sample that is representative across the age range. Plus, I don’t see how, from the wording of the questions, any of these answers can be converted into meaningful data since they are all free-form answers.

    Bad science.

  23. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Also; everyone thinks they’ve been discriminated against and that they were “the best qualified for the job”. Maybe all these white males just aren’t as well qualified as they think they are. Except me. I am.

  24. maybe the job rejection had really nothing to do with qualifications, maybe the applicant was just an odious turd and no one wanted to work with him. hey, lies are the grease that keeps the wheels turning.

  25. @beatus
    Affirmative action quotas have been illegal for quite sometime (30+ years) so either your dad was hiring a very long time ago, or his story is not 100% accurate. Also, even without a quota, no employer has an obligation to use affirmative action, they can, but they are not required to do so, so he could have chosen not to be an affirmative action employer. That is unless he was receiving some public money, in which case you should tell him to stop being a corporate welfare queen.

  26. Hmmm, funny. I recall affirmative action just starting to take place here in southern Louisiana when I was in junior high, less than 15 years ago.

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