Wednesday, June 16, 2010


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  1. What the hell is with this blank pop up shit?

    I have seen a vagina clown car. Scary shit I tell ya!

  2. Lol. David ftw.

  3. Wow, some awfully aggressive adds going on here. LB better fix that.

    Also, I love Phil.

  4. Phil is great.

  5. is anyone else getting constant pop ups today while on this site? VERY annoying.

  6. the pop ups are fucking up my computer! This is the last time I ever come here, until they are fixed! i have to hold my touchpads left button to type. its just ruined chrome’s shit completely.

  7. Yes, yes, yes! The pop ups are only on this site and they’re driving me crazy. It, too, makes me not want to come back, but can’t seem to stop myself from this trainwreck.

  8. fuck this shit I’m out of here. As if lamebook couldn’t get any lamer. On another note I don’t understand the Australia one if someone could explain 🙂

  9. i blame Ben.

  10. Where is Tyson… Antarctica??? How is he going ‘up there’, exactly.

    I, too, heart Phil

  11. I would unfriend David in a heartbeat.

  12. Heh, david is probably the biggest dick around.

  13. If I were Hazel’s parent, I’ll punch David in the face … and punch … and punch … and punch …
    Lamebok, that’s not a FTW. Who of you guys though that was funny??

  14. How is #2 FTW?? David sounds like a pedophile to me.

  15. @freakyfox
    I guess Tysons’s been talking about moving to Australia since forever and nobody gives a shit after he announces it for the 534th time.

  16. #2 is not funny one bit… very disappointed. And sad.

  17. …and the pop-ups are freakin retarded too.

  18. Billy made me laugh out loud, oh my.
    but how is David’s comment in #2 funny? eww, eww, eww.

  19. krasivaya_devushka

    I liked Billy’s and Phil’s comments.

    I agree with others who have said the second one is not funny….just sick.
    As for the rest of them…ehhh.

  20. Maybe Tyson lives in NZ?

  21. Everyone loves beautiful wimon, I’m sure Soup’ll back me up.

    And thank CHRIST I’m not the only one holding my left mouse .button like a tit while I type.

  22. I’m totally with Lauren on that one!

    @BritishHobo as for the left button thing, it doesn’t happen on IE, just on Chrome. I just switched.

  23. ravendawn it’s happening on Firefox too. But really inconsistently. Right now I’m typing fine, but in a second it’ll make me hold down the left button. And there’s no way I’m going back to Internet Explorer xD

  24. David’s comment is not a win. And I usually enjoy pedo-jokes. That one was disgusting.

  25. Yup, feel like I’m back in dark ages over here on IE 🙂

  26. David, you’re gross. Not funny in the least.

    uhm Lamebook. Pop up ads now? That’s new, and it sucks.

  27. David is the sort of individual that I’d like to encounter in a dark alley equipped with a baseball bat. But I have anger issues.

  28. I’d rather that guy didn’t end up in my country, just sayin’.
    Oh and what the hell, lamebook?

  29. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    Can we issue a shoot-on-sight order for Tyson?

  30. Am I the only one having a problem with the name of Hazel’s parent? What is that?

  31. krasivaya_devushka

    Some foreign names maybe? With some extra letters added in.

    and lol @FlapjacksAreAmazing 😀

  32. Phil’s would have been a lot better if he just said, “we run.”

    Beginnington… you say you aren’t going to come back until the popup thing is fixed, but how will you know it’s fixed unless you come back?

  33. I like Phil’s response as it is. Would’ve been a bit better if he had specified getting to the line FIRST though. =P

  34. @Steve-O

    It doesn’t matter who gets to the line first, everyone gets a ribbon for COMPETING. At least that’s what happened in all of the “races” that I ran in high school. My best friend threw a shotput like a baseball, also. Scary stuff.

  35. btw, trick for chrome users. Instead of holding in the left mouse button to type (because of the popup problem), just do that for one letter, then highlight it with the mouse, and POOF, you can type like a two-handed fiend.

    I want some pancakes.

  36. to stop the popups, leave the page open so it can load, then it close it and it wont pop up again

  37. Would someone explain the One Cup Project one to me? I’ll freely admit I’m retarded.

  38. number two does suck, where are all these pop ups everyone is talking about?

  39. I want to shake Billy’s hand. Nothing more I hate than the people who choose to have kids who then bitch how hard it is to those of us who choose not to.

  40. Number 2 belongs on sickipedia, not Lamebook. I read it twice to make sure I interpreted it correctly, then regretted it all over again. Ugh.

  41. David is a douche.

  42. is it just me then, who thinks Billy’s kind of being a dick? these are just the kind of things that mothers say…

  43. rebarbativebecc

    Lol, good luck to Tyson. Everything is friggen expensive here these days.

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