Monday, November 30, 2009

Looks Like a Case of the Momdays




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  1. thumbs up

  2. Yawn!

    @2: When will you get a new trick?

  3. Aww, that first one is quite sweet really

  4. Number 3 – Don’t feed the trolls

  5. I really smiled at the 3rd one! Carson ftw!

  6. All three are actually pretty funny (and kinda cute…). Although I would never imagine me talking to my mom Judey did.

  7. I hope “Your’e” was just a typo.

  8. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Haha – Giulano hangs head in shame. Judy and Elizabeth are just a bit weird – I don’t think I have ever thanked my mum for my, albeit fabulous, breasts. And the third one? Well, if Carson ever wanted to look at my breasts I’d let him, just on the strength of that comment. FTW!

  9. How can boobies vary from day to day? And why were the particularly good that day? New tassels?

  10. @nature_boy

    Boobs look different depending on what you’re wearing that day, for one. Does this really need an explanation?

  11. Elizabeth sounds actually like a very cool and liberal mom but i would find it a bit odd to talk about testikel and penis sizes with my dad

    Still , openminded people are a welcomed change.

    Hehe poor Giuliano , moms can do that to your carefully build up image.

    Hitme – have i told you that i love you recently ? Well i do

  12. nature boy , you just put yourself out there to be ridiculed

    Might as well paint a bullseye over your head and walk by a shooting range

    Granted , i would also like to know why they looked so great that particular day

  13. That doesn’t make any sense mittens. When I admire my penis in the mirror I don’t cover it in underwear, because then I’m not truly admiring it but the way it looks covered up.

  14. maybe she got a new skin lotion , got rid of rash , did some excercise to get firmer breasts …

  15. These were good. Although I think I like Carson’s comment the best, Penny just guaranteed that Giuliano won’t get laid for at least a month. So, I say it’s Penny FTW!

  16. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ Father Sha – *blushes* Love you too. Carry on like that, and you might get to touch them 😉

  17. I’d be embarrassed if my mom made such a ridiculous spelling error on my wall too.

  18. I still do not understand why people are unable to spell out a word, ESPECIALLY when the word is so short. Does it really take that much time out of your life to type “back” as opposed to “bk”?

    It just took me under a second to do it.

  19. @19 I don’t get it either. This guy has quite the aversion to the letter s too – “mom(‘s) there I pray she make(s) it.” That being said, I guess it’s kind of petty to pick apart the grammar of someone whose mom is in the hospital. Woops 🙂

  20. That would be a nice bonus hitme to the fact that your comments have been known to change the frown on my forehead to a big smile.

    There are some commentors (allebeit very few lately) that make this site my number one refuge when i need a ‘happy place’ at work

    And i know , i m in a very lame mood – sorry to the rest of you , i will go and look for my balls now seems i lost them somewehere …

  21. @nature_boy – depending on her time of the month boobs can vary in size.

  22. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ Father Sha – 🙂 consider yourself welcome. I’m at my desk as well at the moment and you’ve just made me laugh out loud.

    You’re right – there used to be lots of people that made me laugh on here. We’re a dying breed, apparently.

    What a lovely little mutual love-fest, Daddy. I thought you’d gone off me – we haven’t had any banter for a while. Now, off you go on your testes-hunt.

  23. Judey and Elizabeth are hilarious.

    And thank you ratcoons widow. I was unsure of what “bk” even meant.

  24. I wonder if Judey is also grateful for the ridiculous way her mother spelled her name on the birth certificate…

  25. Well the hunt isn’t going quite as well as might be expected, turns out that asking
    people if they have seen your nuts is considered rude … One is never 2 old 2 learn

  26. yea really who spells Judey like that its horrible D:

  27. to end our little love-in , i just realised that this is the internet and you are more likely to be a fat 40 y old bloke then a real girl

    the horror !

  28. I like turtles.

  29. BK comment actually made me giggle out loud. Hasn’t happened in awhile.

  30. Do you think it’s pronounced “Joo-Day”? Because if it is, I will retract my previous comment. That name fricken rocks

  31. the first is funny. It’s like having your mum pull out those embarrassing baby photos at your 21st.

    The second one got me thinking of that sportsman double joke. With that being said, I’d hit them 😀

    LMFAO! Im going to my local hospital today to support the very needed Burger King. I hope it makes it through the night,

  32. Am I the only one that thought, when reading the third one, “Your mom’s in the hospital, and you’re praying she’ll make it, so she can’t be doing too well, and you’re stopping at BK before going to see her?”

    Did I misinterpret this? Because no one seems to have read it this way, lol!

  33. insert clever name here

    @bry bk = back

  34. Carson rules!! I fucking hate people that write their personal shit on their facebook, utter tack.

  35. @Nature boy… i’m sure you will work it out when your older, then again, maybe not, if you have noticed by now it’s obvious your into men

  36. insert clever name here

    @No1youknow – “you’re” FAIL

  37. I just want to let everyone know that I do it for you guys… *sniff*

  38. @38 thank you for the laughs. Some people on here dont appreciate the effort you put into posting this hilarious stuff. But i just want to let you know i am still PMSL hours after reading your posted goods!

  39. @bry

    I read it that way as well. I’ve actually had BK from a hospital cafeteria!

  40. I too pray with Montel that Mom makes it… to the queue in time – those burgers go fast!

  41. OOOH wow. For a second, I was ashamed of misreading that, but then again…I did learn the English language in school, not the slang and abbreviations, lol!

    And WOG, I can’t believe that there’s BKs in hospital cafeterias… but then again, stranger things have happened, lol!

  42. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    I was in a hospital in Seoul this year and they have a Starbucks in there….

  43. There’s a McDonald’s at the kid’s hospital here in Auckland 🙁

  44. we need more fast-food chains where you can get a sandwich or something else thats close to being healthy rather than all of these friggin Maccas or BurgerKing establishments!

  45. Actually in Bangkok Thailand, Bumrungrad Hospital has a McDonald’s in it. Ironically enough, it’s near the cardiac section of the hospital…

  46. Abbot-Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, MN has a McDonald’s in it.

  47. […] Looks Like a Case of the Momdays […]

  48. I wish Penny was my mom

    No really, my mom’s dead.

  49. If i was in hospital recovering from a heart attack I would love to be able to get an XL bacon double cheese burger with fries and a large coke to help me along the road to recovery.

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