Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love in a Digital Era

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    FIRST BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How do you know you broke up?

    Well she won’t play Halo with me anymore.

  3. WHAT?! She got to Mark first? He told me we were going to make that shit fficial!

  4. Mark, she went through all the trouble to get out her prom dress for your wedding day, and you couldn’t even bother ironing your prison jumpsuit? …jerk.

  5. She also left with her copy of The Great Melinko and all the Ramen. I think that solidifies the break up.

  6. i kin do better din dat!

  7. Wow, I was so focused on her trashy prom dress and hair that I missed Mark’s lovely ensemble. Score.

  8. I’ve fficially decided that this is going to by one of my halloween costumes next year. Just need to talk about this shit with my fiance.

  9. I’m wondering if the Mark from (1) is the same Mark as the Mark from (2)?

  10. Considering the trouble the bride went to to look so lovely, finding the dream wedding dress and all, you’d think whoever accompanied her on the right of the photo would have made a little effort. Other than that, beautiful. Weddings always bring a tear to my eye.

  11. Wow, what a catch she has there! At least she knows where he is at all times & that he wont be with any women… now, slobbin nob of all the dudes in cell block D, suuuure!

    Seems like marrying a prisoner would be perfect for a chick that’s been cheated on and has problems trusting LOLOLOLOL.

  12. @11 cheating is still cheating whether it’s gay or straight. Rape on the other hand is a completely different matter? Does he have a screwdriver held up partially inside his ear or is he doing it for smokes? Man whore.

  13. Is that a clothes peg in her hair? if not, what sort of style queen wears a blue ribbon with a red dress? Is that a spare dress being held by the woman on the right? Maybe it was “inappropriate” for court and she had to get something less revealing?

  14. Classiest couple alive… I’m speaking of prison couple…XBox couple does make a good run for it though.

  15. vaginalroundhouse

    I’m going to bang that girl right outside his prison cell.

  16. bollywood_rocks83

    Am I the only one thinking it was right after the sentencing and before being dragged off to jail? She figured there was already a judge and witnesses/guests and the person standing in the background agreed to be bridesmaid so she said what the hey!

    Over reaching?

  17. The lucky bride’s entire ensemble is the fashion equivalent of a huge pile of dog vomit.

  18. I like how she left off the “o” in official, as if to say the big O will be something she won’t be experiencing while her new husband’s in prison.

  19. I can imagine that judge playing poker with his judge friends and saying: “You are not gonna believe the shit that went down in front of me today. I finished sentencing the dude, and next on the docket was a wedding – for him and his girl.”

  20. The first picture reminds me of something. I am actually taking a criminal investigations class and we had a guest speaker the other day. He was in homicide. He said that they found some guy who killed his wife and killed some other lady and he was convicted and found guilty and to life in prison, blah blah blah. All that good stuff, and then the lady who was his case worker? or something… ended marrying him. ‘

    You guys are SOOOO funny. Because it’s impossible that he has been in jail for a few months/years and they are just now getting married.

  21. @Comments
    Ironically, he is was incarcerated for domestic violence charges.

    Way to live up to your name MsBuzzkillington.

  22. MsBuzz – your story was SOOOO interesting.

  23. Congratulations, Mark. There’s hope for me yet.

  24. @lex

    Please let that be true, it would be the icing on the cake here.


    Psh, our version is much more time-efficient.

  25. Damn Sara, I don’t even get Farmville Flowers…I get the real ones. Such a rip off. I expected her and him both to be on laptops, on Farmville, exchanging more shit whilst making it official. True romance.
    William, I’m sorry you had to find out that the #1 sure fire way to know if you’ve been dumped, is via XBox. Thanks for ruining our secret.

  26. Mark is so used to getting his backdoor reamed out by the ‘Chewing Bricks’ prison gang that he hasn’t noticed that his bride has turned up dressed as a 1990’s crack riddled, trans-banging whore.

    If I got dumped by X-box, the slut fuck had better keep an eye on her box is all i’m saying.

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  28. if “11/06/2010” is the 6th of November, that was a Saturday. so this chick somehow got the Judge to let the guy out of prison to get married in the court room on a Saturday? methinks this is a prank. it’s still lame though 🙂

  29. @cas999 – I hope your family develop boils from continuously having to live in shit filled gutters. I hope your dad has to take up tramp fighting so that he can afford a stale crust of bread each day. I hope you have to walk the streets and let people like me do unspeakable things to you. x

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