Monday, September 28, 2009

Sharing is Dope


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  1. How do you think she smuggled it?

  2. That shit shouldn’t even be considered weed. Where is it that people actually smoke that shit?

  3. Some pretty crappy weed, my friends wouldnt share that crap with me..

    Also lol @ caring about it being on facebook


  4. @ #2…. Rick, Marijuana is not the “worst possible thing” a person can go. Trust me, there are much worse drugs out there an employer most definitely wouldn’t want you to do.

  5. @ #2 Rick…. I have to agree with Anna up there. If you think marijuana is the worst possible drug you can do, you are in for a rude awakening. Rick, meet heroin. Or meth. Then you can talk about weed. LEGALIZE POT!!!!!! 🙂

  6. @ #54 and #55

    Sarcasm. Learn it.

  7. Holy shit i know who this is, i just saw it on here went to her profile and saw it that’s too funny!

  8. thats not real weed dumbasses

  9. I don’t know.. Looks like real weed to me.. Really shitty weed that is.

  10. Its just stemm-ey, dudes. Could be some good kush under all those branches, but stems hold enough THC to make them worth smoking too if you really gotta.

  11. Too late, it’s already spread to lamebook, but don’t worry we won’t arrest you.

  12. I think us Lamebookers are the least likely people to turn you in to the police, no worries. Of course I can’t say what the rest of the people on the Internet will do…

  13. So she needs to be naked to smoke weed?

  14. unsanitary.

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