Monday, September 28, 2009

Put Mee In Cowtch!

Put Mee In Cowtch

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  1. I like writing quick messages in lowercase as much as the next guy, but I don’t understand this kid’s aversion to punctuation.

    And on the first read-/fumble-thru, I thought Chris was talking about practicing in a band.

  2. haha, I would say Brennan is mean, but that was a horrible paragraph. If you type more than 10 words, you should care about spelling. I don’t care if it was from his phone, that was just ridiculous.

  3. oh, and btw Chris. Whine a little more about not getting playing time. That’s exactly what other football players respond to. You seem to be a freshman in high school (first year) so the Sophomores and Juniors and Seniors will definitely not beat you up and call you a loser for whining about riding the bench. Good luck not getting pushed into walls.

  4. He wants to prove himself or he wants to quit? I’m confused.

  5. I caunt pley nethur

  6. I don’t think football is a good idea for someone who has trouble writing a short paragraph. He clearly cannot handle even one hit to the head in his current condition!

  7. Brennan’s comment is so awesome that I have to forgive him for his lousy name.

  8. I is ready to play *clap clap clap clap* TODAY!

  9. In what I would suppose is his first sentence did he mean “I won’t play me”?

    @ mcowles: I think he says it’s NOT his first year. I could be wrong, though.

  10. LMAO

    Brennan FTW

  11. I’m a homo

  12. Go for it, RUDY!


  13. Perhaps it’s better he quits football and focuses on his studies. He cleary has failed to do his english homework.

  14. Right, because WANTING something really, really badly, means you deserve to actually have it. The American Idol school of self- importance.

  15. he can spell “consideration” but not “chance”?

  16. @#15 me : i believe these are called typos, not spelling mistakes.

  17. oh silly me. you’re so clever.

  18. Well, he seems to WANT to play football, instead of regarding it as a punishment, so I guess he’s on the whole other side of the fence already.

  19. @6 And here I was thinking football players are all meatheads who need help to tie their shoelaces, let alone spell correctly.

    ‘I not smart, but I does run fast!’

  20. there is no crying in football!

  21. It’s amazing to me that he spelled “consideration” correctly, but he managed to fuck up a handful of simple words. “Chabce”, “wana”,”wount”..

  22. Maybe he spends his time jacking off in the shower room like I did when I was a kid, thinking of Michael Jackson.

  23. Brennan should be a comedian

  24. @mcowles

    In Soviet Russia…

    Good luck getting some sleep tonight.

  25. i love Brennan

  26. i thought Stupidty and Football go hand in hand????

  27. OR the reason why he isn’t playing this year, is because he doesn’t have the grade requirements needed to play a sport. So i agree with # 13.

  28. Maybe he’s a Freshman in uni, some uni’s don’t allow the Freshmen to play. Wait, why am I even commenting on this? I seriously, really, honestly don’t give a shit about this guy and his football career.

  29. @Rodney

    You’re funny because you can’t spell stupidity.
    It’s called irony, btw.

  30. hahahahah so funny! Irony isn’t it

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