Monday, September 28, 2009

The Space Betweem

The Space Betweem

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  1. “what ish love? baby dont hurt me…”

    On a side note, “someone with fake feelings by my side to play around with my feelings” is sort of like when someone with a prosthetic arm keeps rubbing up against my arm, right? Bitch, get your own damn arm.

  2. Lollerskates.

  3. hmmm, I don’t see this as “too lame”. She needs closure. She is trying to get it on facebook, because it’s what she knows best.

    50 years ago, this was only done face to face, then it was on the phone, then it was in e-mail… next, facebook/text messages.

    Good luck Diana, call me!

  4. Umm…Ok…So like, she couldn’t send a message? E-mail? Text?Those still exist right?

  5. By the fuck!

    Diana’s PS is quite desperate, no closure there.

    He’s just not that into you, girl!

  6. lame and pathetic

  7. To be fair, it was probably hard for her to edit her typing through all those tears.

  8. i’m a fuckin queer who types gay messages and probably jerks off to hentai.

  9. Oh hey look, someone is using someone else’s nickname to reveal their hidden desires!

  10. I don’t think this is lame, you do silly things when your hurt/heartbroken I even understand how she must have felt, been there done that. I don’t see the point in highlighting “betweem” is an honest typo happens to us all – or many not so much to the spell check Nazi’s on this site. I guess it’s a rather public showcase of your pitiable meltdown.

  11. I love the mixed messages here. The PS is classic!

    What she is basically saying is:

    “I’m done with you! … unless you need me, then I’m here… but not if you’re just going to play with my feelings… again. So, I’ll assume if you need me it’s because you’ve decided to not fake feelings. Like I did last time. That didn’t work out because you were faking again, but I’m sure it’ll be for real next time because I’ve just told you that’s how it had better be. Call me! I’m desperate!”

  12. is it also lame that she said she’s been doing hours of crying in 9 minutes? Or are we supposed to assume that she wrote these after her hissyfits?

  13. First to the fake mcowles’s (#8) out there, stop it.

    @mcowles (#3), I agree. I think the message is the same, only the medium is changing. I am surprised to choose to use the Wall instead of messaging or e-mailing Troung.

  14. @me, yeah, walls are a bit “non private”, but they’re also harder to ignore. I guess she just wanted to be sure he would see at, when he logged in, instead of seeing “Inbox (1)” and being able to ignore it easier. (and thanks, haha)

    @Rave, haha.

    and fine… the PS was lame. The whole “we’re over, you’re a jerk. If you need me, you know where to find me” thing is lame and I’m guilty of doing it. But I keep THAT part VERY private, to avoid situations… like… this.

  15. There is simply no excuse for writing this sort of thing in a public forum. These people come from the same planet we do, where (if you don’t feel like discussing things on the phone) you always have the option of sending private messages via email.

  16. Let’s lay into a girl whose heart has been broken by someone cheating on her, nice one lamebook

  17. I’m a big shithead and like cramming things up my ass!

  18. Only thing lame is ellipse abuse.

  19. Let me see that Truooooooooooong

    Truong troung troung troung troung

    Man, whatever happened to Sisqo?

  20. Damn, she got drunk FAST.

  21. Diana: STOP going on about ‘fake feelings’ and every other kind of feeling and crying etc.
    This is the kind of shit that gives women a bad name.
    She probably had to communicate on public domain after telling him ‘We need to talk’ a hundred times and he refused to take the bait.

  22. I give them a week until they’re back together, and then a week after that until they break up again, and then the pattern continues.

  23. A white girl who falls for a Vietnamese guy deserves everything she gets.

  24. Damn, try reading this all in one breath!
    I know you’re heartbroken and all, but use some damn punctuation! Then at least he’ll respect your mind if not your body.

    Additionally, did anyone else get a little lost halfway through with the constant 3rd person narration??

  25. @Jelly: Totally. I guess a third person narrative is an attempt to give the “arguments” a tone of irrefutability.

  26. He’s probably turned off by silly girl like her. F*** Remeo& Juliette

  27. “they don’t know wha love ish”

    Is that a typo or is that how she talks? The “h” key is no where near the “s”. Double lame if she actually says “ish” all the time.

  28. *what

  29. she gave herself away in the first line she wrote, when she accidentally but the word “you” behind the sentence “i don’t need you love”.

    it would be heartbreaking if it wasn’t so LAME to not do all this via email or whatever.

  30. @ Matt

    Am I missing something? Where does it say that he cheated on her?

  31. Ain’t codependency grand?

  32. @James

    I prefer the Single Payer system.

  33. Where’s the lameness here?

  34. @fake mcowles (#8, #17) you suck

  35. i dont want you or need you but PS AM STIL HERE IF YOU NEED ME

  36. Ahaha, the fake mrcowles had me in stitches. Seriously, that shit is hilarious. But also bad. Serious face 😐

  37. I don’t need you.

    …call me!

  38. Sounds like a Kenny Rogers song…

  39. Get the fuck over it, She ca write whatever the fuck she wants to on his wall, it’s their problem not ours leave the poor girl alone

  40. Kristy, kids like you shouldn’t be aloud on sites like these. It’s not like it’s to humiliate them, their full names aren’t even shown, it’s just showing how lame facebookers can be. I think I stand for all of us when I say: YOU get the fuck over it.

  41. @ Kristy

    It’s okay Diana…we all know it’s you.

  42. Ah, desperation…

  43. everybody plays the foooool

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