Friday, September 25, 2009

Have Fun Tonight Guys

Have Fun Tonight Guys

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  1. Fantastic!

  2. Two losers with nothing worthwile to do on a Friday night…WHO CARES LAMEBOOK?

  3. @ 53 and everyone else who says this guy’s a loser:

    You say loser, nerd, geek, etc…I say “potential boyfriend”.
    Any guy who knows his way around computers is very attractive to me.

  4. @Carrie:

    Have you considered that you may be a loser, as well?

  5. I love my Friday nights at home. This is probably because most of my Friday nights are spent working concerts and raves.

  6. Is it bad that i actually understand where hes coming from?

  7. Hahahahahhahahaaaaaaa Excellent – what a boring shitbag – who would even be interested in replying to that?

    And also ha ha ha @56 begging someone to say how cool they are for working ‘raves’ .

  8. echo wscript.sleep (time to delay in ms) > fucksocks.vbs
    call fucksocks.vbs

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