Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let It All Out

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  1. WTH Adam…

    Makes me kinda jealous I wasent there actually lol

  2. Tre Bien sound like a pretty fun guy to hang around.

  3. *sounds

  4. I wonder if he knows he name means Very Good lol

  5. So what’s GOP? Is it some American term?

  6. Bxtn, GOP refers to the Republican Party, who did, actually, take quite a few House seats in the most recent election.

  7. Adam,

    Invite, next year please?

    *whisper* Call me? *whisper*

  8. vaginalroundhouse

    I love a good molesting.

  9. The party don’t start til Tre walks in (and starts groping kids and slashing furniture.)

  10. WTH? Why wasn’t I invited to this party, Adam?

    And who the hell doesn’t know what the GOP is? I’m seriously disappointed in society. That’s why we are in the effing mess we are in today.

  11. He should’ve invited Katie & Kasey of the dead-grandma-hot-abortion-pix to his party… they could’ve brought their roxys, copious amounts of booze & duckbills! Plus, I’m sure they’d really dig his dead grandma’s furniture as well; prolly wouldn’t rip it up, but perhaps steal it.

  12. On 3, am I the only one wondering what that brown thing is on the top left?

  13. courtenay, I assume bxtn is a Brit or Aussie or from any number of other countries that have a different legislative system than America. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know what a Tory is.

  14. No,I thought that too!

  15. bankstaff, I’m assuming courtenay was directing their statement towards Raquel, who I assume is American based upon her friends commenting about the GOP taking the House.

  16. courtenay, I’m not American and I had to look up GOP on Urban Dictionary. I honestly thought the status was referring to Arrested Development.

  17. Just read the comment above mine…my bad.

  18. @blond – nope, I tried to wipe it of my screen lol

  19. So why is the republican party called the GOP?

    Also, why do people give sarcastic answers to seemingly stupid questions? If the person doesn’t know, TELL THEM. Otherwise, we are never going to help stupid people.

  20. It stands for Grand Old Party.

  21. oilersfan – That’s Gob, you’re thinking about.

  22. Courtenay – not everyone knows what GOP is because not everyone on here lives in America. Every country has their own political parties that are not going to have the same names as the ones in America.

  23. That was the best cosplay ever, Savanaha. Thank you. (And I thought your name was twisted.)

    A few hired Mexicans will take care of GOP problems.

  24. @courtenay: ignorance in American society? Never!

    Ps: speaking of American ignorance, this all reminds me of Rick Mercer’s “talking to Americans” segments on Canadian tv – bahaha YouTube it and you’ll see just how scary that ignorance really is….

    And savana-ha is one of those mothers who popped out a kid and completely forgot how to speak in anything but baby-talk (her kids are probably in elementary school and shes still breastfeeding)

  25. @bobloblaw: Right you are. I can’t believe I just used the word “gob” the other day, had to explain what it meant, yet still didn’t realize I typed in the wrong thing when I searched it… <_<

  26. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Am I being Wallace by pointing out Bob Loblaw ?

  27. Savanaha or whatever the fark you call yourself, I’m sure everyone enjoys your num nums as well. What kind of name, or even nickname is Tre Bien? One letter away from that name being very ironic in French.

  28. It seems to me that Tre Bien is the sort of dipstick who should be molested by a knife whilst he/it is asleep or passed out.

  29. I know how Adam feels just last week my mate Mucho Buenos came around to a little tea party i was throwing.

    He raped my mum, pissed on my dads leg and ran his hands through my hair, before sitting on the arm of my dead gramps favourite sitting chair!… we buried the fucker under the patio with a courgette sticking out of his arse.

  30. @LMAMOFO: sorry bro. Same shit happened to me, I think I know that guy 😐

  31. I’m sorry for assuming. I just figured if Kellan was talking about the GOP he was in America.

    @jellica You’re completely right. Were the hell have I been? America is a shit hole. I would like to suck it up and help straighten this out, but it would be just so much easier to get in my car and drive to Canada. 🙂

  32. slicingupeyeballs

    Is it just me that really wants to see his ‘sweet disco cherokee irish shirt’…?

  33. NO! I want to see it too! That was the first thing I thought when I saw that status! Wicked ass!

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