Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday “Wishes”

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  1. Nicholas’ is only creepy if you assume it’s her father. It’s funny if you think it’s her brother.

  2. It’s embarrassing when parents forget their kid’s birthdays…but funny. 🙂

  3. Terrible semi-colon usage there; really.

  4. I’m pretty sure Nicholas is talking about his gf. Or at least I hope he is…

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Am I still allowed to facepalm FHsGirl?

  6. I think Nicholas is just a neighbor.

  7. Jamie’s five-year-old child has a Facebook account? Yikes.

  8. Court is Nichölas’ wet nurse hooker, a lá the film, “Shoot ’em Up”

  9. Nicholas has an umlaut in his name – it gives him free range to talk about boobs at will, though we can’t substantiate his claims without photographic evidence.

  10. What comments says is true. It’s a little known fact that having an umlaut in your name is the punctuational equivalent of diplomatic immunity.

  11. And am I the only one who doesn’t mind the peni-text?
    It’s a win/win situation. If the peen is actually photo-worthy you might actually be interested, and you can show your friends.

    If it’s hideous then you can then viciously mock and blackmail the sender.

  12. Miss, no, you are definitely not alone. And I’m with you on all those fronts. Hot cocks, ugly cocks, big cocks, and even those that masquerade as cocks. Send them to me, guys. I have both good and evil uses for them all.

  13. what would you do with all the feathers?

  14. @word …But I was COLDCOCKED the other day! Get it? Get it? Ah, I don’t have f%^&&ing impress you people anyhow

  15. HAHAHA…..melancholy

  16. Do titties start growing at birth? I’ve only ever focused on the bald cleft. I’ll have to start paying attention to the niblets.

  17. *gasp

  18. Exactly four years ago I forgot to pull out….

    Happy Valentines Day Aunty Maureen!

    p.s Where are all my filthy fucking Valentine messages you bastards?! Am I supposed to wank off without them…again?!

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