Friday, February 11, 2011

Wins Before the Weekend

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  1. Thirst?

  2. Haha, dog beers. Brilliant.

  3. i’ll admit, i laughed at the taco and the dog beers one. funny stuff.

  4. I’m a little embarrassed to admit I laughed at Pringles. Sounds like a stripper name.

    Jeff sounds like a bit of a prick.

  5. FINALLY a couple of amusing entries — tacos and dog beers — to relieve the parade of long, pointless, unfunny, and exceptionally hard-to-read items. This week LB has been a site for sore eyes.

  6. Yeah, Jeff’s an unfunny asshole .. fuckin’ A.

  7. Eww…now I really won’t eat Taco Bell ever again.

  8. Dear Pringles,

    Ever since the enlargement procedure went wrong and left me with a cock like the Elephant Man’s face I can no longer squeeze into one of your tubes to make a Sour Cream deposit of my own… work on that.

  9. These are pretty good, and I agree it’s been one of the more lame weeks on Lamebook. Yet people still appear to be donating to their fund. Alrighty.

    I hate people like Jeff. He sounds just like that smug, unfunny, little dweeb who used to comment here, but shall remain nameless.

  10. I thought Jeff might be Jared’s dad, which would make it funnier.

    And I lol’d at dog beers.

  11. Why so much frizz, Krista? Were you shocked recently?

  12. Its funny how ryan’s post was screen shot at 1 minute. Either he thought his reply was very funny or one of his friends is very pathetic.

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