Thursday, February 10, 2011

JACKed Up!

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  1. Done already.

  2. I remember seeing making a joke about anne frankly neither do I. I feel like someone from lamebook saw that here and then tried to make a funny status out of it. (not saying it’s not old or unpopular) just seems like someone tried really hard to make a joke and it didn’t work.

    Also, I didn’t read any of the responses.

  3. MsBuzzkillington++Insightful

    Oh, hell – I’m not on slashdot.

  4. stareacrossthisocean

    Too soon.

  5. I’ve seen this like 50 times before. Did it take this long to get here or is it a repeat?

  6. I recall that exchange back at least 3 years ago.
    That’s allot of logging out/logging for one person to achieve that.

  7. I’ve only read the first line but so far it looks promising and original.

  8. Good job blurring Aan Franklys name lamebook! Try again!!!

  9. I’d like to inject Jack J’s veins with a syringe full of air, and then watch him die from a massive air embolism for being the most unfunny cock I’ve seen on here of late. “Camp you see I’m trying to read?” Seriously, twat, you have to go.

  10. Uh oh, just been moderated…

  11. ^^^ It’s okay. “Aan Frankly” gave her permission. Her privacy will be protected at holocausts.

    Yes, lame attempt at punniness.

  12. I look forward to the day when 9/11 joke posts are ‘acceptable’ because I have a SHIT load of highly amusing and offensive puns to use.

    Until then the extermination of 6 million Jews will have to suffice as a source of amusement.

  13. Maybe I was moderated because I described in detail how I’d like to do away with Jack J? Either that, or it was because I used the word t.w.a.t. Blimey, it wasn’t that bad.

  14. Really, people? Holocaust jokes? Not only has it been done, it’s in bad taste, along with dead baby jokes. The anguish and torture and murder of millions of people isn’t funny. God what is wrong with this generation? We get more offended when someone doesn’t accept a friend request on facebook than we do about death jokes. Grow up, everyone.

  15. @!0, I found that highly amusing Xd even though I’ve seen the good ones before…still good. The rest are total shit.

  16. @10* :S

  17. Just dumb…

  18. #13 Seriously, I can’t agree with you more. It horrifies me to think people find these “jokes” amusing. This is recent history. There are still people around who were in these camps who witnessed the murders of their own mothers, fathers, and siblings. Little kids stood in lines and watched their parents being led to their deaths. This is funny? Open a history book, go to a holocaust museum, talk to someone whose entire life was scarred by this horror and then sit your ignorant self at a computer and find something else to do. Pathetic.

  19. @13 & 17 – Just to clarify (given my quite apt user-name), my comments are very much tongue-in-cheek.

  20. Sometimes it is cathartic to the very essence of humanity to laugh in the face of the horrors that we as a species have perpetuated. To see the light in the dark as it were….

    And sometimes people are massive unfunny dickboils that have the comedy stylings of a puke filled jizz bag.

  21. #13 Really, there aren’t that many holocaust survivors left.
    #17 Seriously, not an awful lot of little children watched their parents being led to their deaths. Most of them where exterminated shortly after their arrival. Get you facts right.

  22. Sorry if I’ve offended someone, i meant of course to say “your facts”.

  23. stomabeutel I am both offended and upset by your use of the word fact… You must be new here and unaware that that word is seen as highly offensive to everybody who posts on here…

    Please substitute the word fact for Fistification in future comments…thanks on behalf of everybody.

  24. Anyone ever visited a concentration camp? I’ve been to Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau. Pretty eerie shit.

  25. @paranoid PLEASE, don’t hold back, i want to hear those 9/11 jokes.

  26. stever I once went to a concentration camp but I didn’t pay any attention so they threw me out.

  27. Imamofo, I stand corrected. Given the context, I should have thought about that before posting this.

  28. #20 When I was a kid my great-grandmother used to tell me how her mother was ripped from her side and taken to her death, screaming her name the whole way….she tried running back once and got a belt on the side of her head for her efforts. Many children were spared at the camp, only to be used for experimentation purposes; especially if they were twins. My great-grandmother’s two friends are still living in New York, they were in the camp with her the whole time. My great-grandmother never got over the memory of her mother being grabbed from her….as those facts checked enough for you asshole?

  29. Tammy ^…’as those fistifications checked enough for you asshole?

    I used to tell my Grandkids similar stories….. If I couldn’t sleep why the fuck should they?!

  30. Martin quickly descends into really not funny territory. The pun can be funny – but he just starts making a joke out of it directly – very clear example here of what is and isn’t funny.

  31. #27 No not really, you are not allowed to use the word fact here. You should use fistification instead, Imamofo said so.

    A belt to the side of the head is not very painful, I think. Maybe you meant to say that your, death, great-grandma was hit on the side of the head by a german (I assume) belt buckle. Small details, big impact. Get you fistifications right, you worthless piece of female genitalia.

  32. #28 Was #30 ok or is there also a ban on the word “buckle”?

  33. #27 is it “as those fistifications” or “are those fistifications”?
    English is quite tricky for us Germans. Stomabeutel, translates to colostomy bag from which, for all I care, Tammy could take a big long gulp.

  34. stomabeutel examples of proper usage:

    – Get your fistifications straight.
    – You don’t even know the full fistifications!
    – You can trust me, that’s a fistification.
    – Germans aren’t funny, that’s a fistification.

  35. Thanks Imamofo, very clear examples. Germans aren’t funny? Maybe, but we do have the world record for the thinnest book in recorded history.

  36. No problem… was it a joke book?

  37. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  38. yes the Holocaust was terrible, yes this war was terrible, that genocide was terrible, people are terrible, etc.etc.etc. If we are not allowed to make fun of the insanely sick and perverted reprehensible acts of humanity, then there will be a lot less laughter in the world. Also, probably fewer lamebook posts.

  39. @ juhreen
    While I very much agree and find Holocaust jokes to be reprehensible, I reread your comment four times because I expected there to be some kind of pun.
    I’m either a very paranoid person or I’ve been reading lamebook for FAR too long.

  40. I feel that if we make fun of the horrors of this world that we will cease to grasp the severity of it, or to honor and respect those suffering. Blowing it off and mocking it leads to apathy and this world needs a lot more empathy. I had relatives that suffered and died in concentration camps, and even if I didn’t, it’s not funny. There are other things in this world to laugh at and bring joy. The systematic murder of over 6 million people isn’t one of them.

  41. #36 A thousand years of German Humor.

  42. You guys are all idiots. Nobody’s making Holocaust jokes. These are puns.

    In other words, nobody’s laughing about the killing of 9 million + people, including 6 million Jews. People are laughing at the use of the phrase “Anne Frankly”, the word “Holocaust”, etc. as puns.

  43. @guy18: Wow, are you for real? They’re not making jokes about the holocaust, just humorous quips?

    Or are you claiming that puns aren’t meant to be humorous? I think you must know some unfunny punsters if you think puns are supposed to be exchanged in a solemn, serious way.

  44. ….How are they not making Holocaust jokes when they are making puns about the ovens and gas chambers? THAT is making light of murder.

  45. Some of them were clever, like the Mein Kampfort zone one. But there are other lines making fun of the Jewish population afterwards, and their deaths. Those aren’t funny.

  46. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    #43 pep or maybe the only experience he has with puns are the bullshit ones we get on Lamebook.

  47. #44 In school we learned that our ancestors took the holocaust very serious.

  48. Wow. You guys need to lighten up. It’s lamebook….home if funny stuff….and I don’t care how old that joke is, its pretty frickin funny!!! If you know something might offend you here, don’t come!! There’s an idea.

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