Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little Issues

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  1. Um, Yeah.


  2. But seriously, Dan’s post offends me. Why is it okay to make jokes about “retards”? Why is that word even acceptable?

  3. And why did Dan lose them?

  4. Dan says he missing 3 – 1 at Mickey D’s and 1 at Woolworth’s… 1+1=2 not 3; MsBuzzkill maybe he can use the term because he is one also? You know, like racial terms?

  5. I don’t understand why “retard” is a bad word. they are mentally retarded, right? “Retard” means to hinder or obstruct, and their mental capacity is, in fact, hindered. I don’t get it.

    comments at large is obviously a retard, 1+1+the person whose wall Dan is writing on = 3. The joke is implying that Dan’s friend is a retard.

  6. MsBuzzkillington: ++

    Skinner: It’s a label. It’s like referring to ‘blacks’ or ‘gays’.

  7. I think it’s funny.

  8. and I work with Mentally Ill and Mentally retarded people who often jokingly refer to themselves or each other as ‘tards’.

  9. Just got hit with my first moderation, Hi-Fives all around.

  10. Andrew’s the kind of friend you need in difficult times.

  11. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Andrew is a sharp shooter, a real go getter.

  12. You can’t blame him for being ambitious.

  13. Sure you can

  14. I like Andrew.

  15. Skinner, I was assuming it was his status and he was trying to allude to everyone on his feed they were ‘tards, a rather stupid notion, therefore making him the third ‘tard. Though you bring up a good point, I’m sticking by my original post. And calling you an asshat.

  16. @9, is it too late for a high-five?
    we all need friends like andrew, even through the good times. i would need him to be my friend at least twice a day.

  17. Andrew if you’re cute, give me a call.

    And I prefer to use the term “spastic” or “spaz” when referring to the handicapped.

  18. Physically handicapped: Gimpy.
    Mentally handicapped: Gumpy.

    What? Too insensitive?

  19. ‘Fucktard’ is probably the best swear ever.

    @ wordy ‘Spacka’ was a local colloquialism from my distant youth.

    Given that I used to work with mentally handicapped people, you would think I would have more sensitivity and compassion, I don’t.

  20. PA, I quite like that one. Just plain old “mentals” was a common term way back when. Also, given I work (a good deal of the time) with the morbidly obese, you’d think I’d have more sensitivity and compassion, too. As fucking if.

  21. I work with a bunch of FUCKTARDS. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest today!

  22. You are all very politically incorrect, the polite term for head mentalists is: Flid or Window Licker.

    I work with window lickers, clinically fat fucks and the sexually abused all day too, you’d think i’d have more sensitivity and compassion, but I just can’t stop fucking them.

  23. people need to quit getting offended about the word retarded if the medical term for mentally handicapped people is mentally retarded. i realise that it sorta sounds like a harsh word but the meaning fits the people. and wordpervert, who could have compassion for obese people? they’re nasty, gluttonous pigs

  24. “Retarded” simply means “slow”. As with all words, it’s how you use it.

  25. The world is full of retards and not the “accidentally become billionaires” Forrest Gump kind, either. I work in a bank and you should see the types of retards I deal with every day. Like PA and Word Pervert, you think I’d have garnered some sympathy, but unsurprisingly, I can’t fix stupid, lazy and impulsive people who sign anything in front of them because: “I really, really wanted it! Wah!” Paying for it? Fuck that shit!

    Word Pervert – can I ask what you do that you work around morbidly obese people all the time?

  26. Morrigan, I work in the health industry. And I’m using the word “health” ironically in that sentence.

  27. Ahhh, I see. By your user name I had assumed you were a book editor or the like and I imagine there’s a lot of sedentary writers out there, too. Thanks for answering me. 🙂

  28. “Woolworth’s”? Did he lose one of those people in a time machine?

  29. woolworths is the main supermarket in australia. i’m not sure if it’s related to the american chain.. thought some existed in the U.S still?

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