Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wrong Country…

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  1. I was going to share this on Facebook, but I’m afraid some of my friends wouldn’t understand why it’s funny…then I’d feel bad about having them for friends.

  2. ^ Do it. Weed out the idiots.

  3. I’m sure Eric was referring to the fact that Europe is easy to travel through, 11 months is more than enough time to take a train to France.

  4. What’s so lame about this? Sure it’s a different country but it’s only about 800 miles difference. That’s barely enough distance for this to make lamebook.

  5. And also, Rome is the name of a subway station in Paris.

  6. Not that I’d expect someone to visit a subway station for 11 months, but I’m just saying.

  7. Hello Lister.

    The lame is that someone named their child after a section of the lower respiratory tract.

  8. A bunch of non-Brits aren’t going to get this but, doesn’t Frankenstein belong to Lister? 😉

  9. ^ Haha! Nice.

  10. As much as a cat can belong to someone. He is my god though.

  11. Anabelle_McAllister

    “The louvre is in Paris, Alvin.”
    “You see? I don’t even know where the louvre is! Take me with you, Dave! “

  12. Is this a new breast cancer awareness or some other retarded campaign? I’ve seen a few posts that are basically, “I’m going to _________ for _________ months.”

  13. ^ Yes, it’s (most likely) one of those. Because some stupid women believe that “breast cancer awareness” is more important than actually raising money for cancer research, or educating people about cancer prevention.

    Protip: every person in the Western world who has access to Facebook is already aware of breast cancer, so your obscure status update only makes you look ignorant.

  14. The biggest thing I got out of this is that her name is a poorly-spelled version of a wind pipe. I’d make some choking puns, but they’d never do her mother justice.

  15. Il Museo Del Louvre is a famous gallery/museum/cultural archive in Rome. Lamebook fail.

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