Thursday, February 10, 2011

Internet Stains

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  1. They should blur the baby.

  2. * They should have aborted the baby

  3. If they were gonna make us read all of that, they should’ve at least expanded Bryan’s first comment. I’m surprised he isn’t saying the baby isn’t his.

  4. And couldn’t she have typed just as quickly if this was a private message instead of a public status update? Talk about attention whore.

  5. Bryan should write a book on relative theory, because if he could explain how dirty dancing is anywhere near the infidelity a blow job is, his theory could cause us all to question the very fabric of time and space. If we could get past the spelling and grammar of course.

  6. Sounds like she’s better off without him.

  7. Fake. What woman calls here significant other getting a blow-job a “head-shot”, and what man dumps a woman with his baby whom he was about to marry for “grinding”.

    Again. Fake.

  8. I did not understand any of this 😐

  9. These people are probably like 16.

  10. I agree with FHs….why didn’t they at least expand the first comment? That’s almost as annoying as their retarded ass fight spewed all over fb.

  11. It is so we can guess what he was going to say…

    someone down the aisle that…
    keeps dolls heads in a pizza box.

  12. I don’t understand why Rachel doesn’t fight harder for him. He seems like a great catch.

  13. “I can’t walk someone down the aile that” … WHAT, FUCKING WHAT??

    Ps Bryan – it’s aisle.

  14. You seem to think that just because I cheated on you, that gives you the right to dance with other men?!? Now you want me to talk to you when our child isn’t sick or wait a whole day? and you expect me not to destroy all your stuff??!?!?!? Typical women, illogical, jealous and emotional.

  15. oh my god..ROFL @ “headshot”

  16. Darwin would be turning in his grave. Bring back natural selection.

  17. Bryan keeps saying “i thought u were better then me”. Apparently he has it in his head that the girl he’s with needs to be better than him? Good luck with that, buddy. Rachel is definitely the lesser of two fucktards here.

  18. win7ermute, nah, not necessarily fake. He’s just an asshole. He wanted to get out of the engagement anyway; this is just his excuse. And you’ve heard of those guys who fuck girls left and right, but think the women they marry should be pure virgins? He’s like that. He’s a piece of shit and she’s an idiot to want him back.

  19. Is that baby giving the finger?

  20. i know if bryan were my dad i’d be giving him the finger.

  21. Who is “meson”?

  22. @win7ermute

    I think you jumped the gun. My wife swears like a sailor and you see guys like Bryan on court TV shows all the time. You don’t know any deadbeat dads who use any excuse in the book to get out of their responsibilities?

  23. I hope the baby is giving him the finger…

  24. I hate Bryan

  25. i have this sudden urge to track bryan down and punch him in the nose…

  26. I still laugh every time I see “Mario and Dreddy”.

  27. Why didn’t they obscure the babies face??
    And Bryan actually has his name spelt correctly too.

  28. Did anybody not notice that the baby’s middle finger is up in the picture?? I am assuming thats why they didn’t blur it out.. adds to her stupidity 🙂

  29. Nah I think they didn’t blur because secretly they WERE hoping someone tracks this asshole down and “gives him something to cry about” as my Dad would have said if I were acting like this. And whether or not she is better off or not, the baby won’t be. Saddening.

  30. Wow. JUST wow.

  31. sandcat,

    I respectfully disagree. I loathe when people say “we’re staying together for the baby/children”. A dysfunctional mess of a “marriage” or “living partners” is too much weight for a child’s shoulders. A baby does NOT need one of each parent to grow up normal. That formula is a myth. What that baby needs is love, stability, and strong role models. Maybe even mom in a healthier relationship down the road, even if it is in a relationship with someone other than daddy dearest there. At least she will be shown what a normal, stable relationship is supposed to be.

    Not that loser showing her how a man treats a woman and vice-versa. From what is displayed here, she is better off with other strong male role models in her life, than trying to measure up, and fail, with that misogynistic bastard in her life.

  32. The last time I was caught grinding a girl my eleventh wife went in to a fury inspired rage…. turns out it was the new mincer and I should have been using the old rusty one.

    Nice Minge Mince though.

  33. Bryan sounds like an absolute knob. She’s better off without him.

  34. i thought u were better than me? really? cuz now, letting someone give u a “headshot” is better than “grinding”. this guy should have al gore make a movie about his ideals so he can get another nobel peace prize for being a fucking idiot

  35. Bryan is a douchebag and a control freak: “you better come over tonight even if you and the baby are sick, because that’s the last time I open the door.” Rachel is far better off without him, but she also sounds like an idiot.

  36. there are a lotta women who don’t get the point. it’s obvious he just wanted a way out and used whatever stupid ass excuse he could. but she’s like one of those women who gets beat but still comes back cuz “he still loves her”. it’s like, just wise up and get used to being alone or find someone who isn’t the biggest douche on the planet. otherwise your little girl is gonna grow up to be a cum sponge

  37. Paint_my_nails_please

    I thought you were better than me = I am an asshole

  38. lather.rinse.repeat

    I just loved the part where he says “ill just assume ur getting dick stains in the basement”

  39. That just reminded me of thursday nights episode of jersey shore…

  40. tl;dr

  41. How much do you want to be that she left her sick baby, and went to talk to him.

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