Friday, January 14, 2011

Mothers of the Year

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  1. mass, as it is to see you (another cue for vincent).

    Well good luck with all of that, Pep.

    valid, I could care less the kid is grabbing her teeny tit, also, but to me she looks likes quite masculine. It’s all about perception, and/or about the amount of booze and/or drugs one has consumed before entering the LB arena as to how we view something. It’s cool we all see the same thing in a different way. It’s makes it interesting. It’d be incredibly boring if we all shared the same opinions. There’d be no arguing on LB. And that would be tragic.

  2. *looks likes… haha.

  3. there are no good German jokes.

  4. i’ve got one, mass: treffen sich zwei parallele…

  5. I’m trying to keep up: word is australian, mass canadian, pep and wandr french from france?

    Valid- if it can walk, talk, smile for the camera, and/or make a hand-bra then it shouldn’t be breastfed. There’s a fine line between maternal bonding and incest.

  6. i got a thumbs up from a little old man for publicly breastfeeding… i still don’t know if he caught a peek or if he was just pro nursing.
    @55 i agree and also add teeth to the list.. and everyone should just move to canada.

  7. My tits are better.

    And I’m Canadian too, in case anyone cares.

  8. Well, she did a good job losing that first baby weight, and I salute her for that.

  9. jesuslovesthephillies

    and its things like this that make me think that maybe a screening process before procreating is the best idea for societys sake…. tsk tsk.

  10. @jellica .. I care.


  11. A lot, hey? Well I guess it makes (geographic) sense that it would…

  12. As I”m writing this I’m looking out over the Coral sea.
    Wallabies over in next doors paddock. Yes we do have the occasional kangaroo crossing the main street.
    Tho the paddock has recently been mowed so so we have also had a few snakes come up to the house.

    Maybe she is not the mom maybe the babysitter.

    I wish I had one like that when I was young.

  13. I’m thinking Webster up there is actually the father of the upcoming bundle of joy. He might be tiny, but he’s a stone cold pimp.

  14. ..nothing to do with geography, word .. it’s all about the boobs!

    Go boobs!

  15. First I’m forced accept that people in Alaska don’t actually live in igloos, now I learn kangaroos don’t hang out in people’s backyards in Australia? The internet is totally killing my perception of the world, damn it.

  16. Don’t worry, there are plenty of kangaroos hanging out in people’s back yards, just not in the middle of large urban areas.

    That’s because the availability of food left in bins in urban areas has favoured the native possums, whose average size has been increasing at astonishing rates. And the giant city possums have been chasing the kangaroos to the outter suburbs.

  17. …tell me about the koalas, Walter.

  18. Ok…

    There was a news story a few years back about a couple blokes who tried to steal a koala from a zoo. The koala fought back and they gave up and decided to steal a crocodile because it was easier. This is a true story.

    Some people think that some of the koalas have been eating some toxins that have leaked from power plants into rivers. And that there have been some genetic mutations that have been passed down through a few generations. The mutations are making the male koalas testicles develop faster and larger and they are becoming more aggressive. They even get evil red eyes and their saliva has a strong poison in it. But I’d still rather be bitten than scratched. The claws are like razor edged dagger with jagged teeth.

  19. When I hear ‘blokes’ I picture Tony Randall-types in bolo hats?

  20. I don’t care what country you’re from, this picture is hotter than a crack babies temperature

    (que corrective responses re: the typical symptoms of crack babies / the fact that most turn out to actually be ‘alcohol babies’…)

  21. Gonzo, I’m curious whether your name comes from the type of porn or Hunter Thompson’s writing style?

  22. I’d give that a right fucking in photo two….

    The mum ain’t too bad either.

  23. @ saffer – I *wish* I was French right now. Even the North of there is better than the south of here

    @ jellica – I strongly object to your statement. Let’s settle this with a Canadian tits contest, why don’t we.

  24. wandr @ jellica If you’re both going to have a Canadian Tit Fight, I want you to both fight fairly…no nippin’ and my the breast woman win…

    I’m sorry….actually no… no i’m not.

  25. This Canadian Tit fight brought to you by Molson.

  26. How does a canadian tit fight differ from an American one? Is it like the difference between American football and Canadian football?

  27. @comments: a 100% Canadian tit fight can’t be sponsored by Molson – I don’t think that it’s a Canadian company anymore…

    @jonjones: not much of a difference… Except that in a Canadian tit fight, both girls have a full set of teeth

    @wandr: you’re on, girl!

  28. I’ll ref..

  29. @jellica: You’re right, they partnered with Coors now – the beer is still imported from Canada though. It’s still Canadian with a little American in it. That being said, if we want to keep it accurate and put a little American into the Canadian, I’m willing to do my part.

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