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  1. From the post, I thought WoW has a hardcore mode just like Diablo 2. But yeah, loving the character more than loving your child?

  2. If i had it my way I would kill this WoW addicted tosser in a manner that made it look like he had commited suicide (perhaps leave him dangling from the rafters above his computer desk)

    I would then victimise his daughter casting the blame for her fathers death upon her.

    Harsh? maybe but consider this, the time it has taken for me to set up this elabotae murder is better than time wasted playing a 12 years old computer game.

  3. Even if this were real I would refuse to join. if someone is that depresed about their character dying in a video game they are beyond help not even 1 million people can change that. Hell I doubt 1 billion could.

  4. firstly, this is obviously not a genuine group.
    secondly, it’s obviously not meant to be seen as a genuine group and is a clever bit of satire. i once made a group called ‘a trillion gazillion people against murder’ assuming that people would understand the satirical message behind it (it was at the time when people were joining groups to show that they were opposed to things like racism, homophobia etc.!) and decided to point out that there weren’t ‘a trillion gazillion’ people in the world and that my group was very idealistic but very unrealistic. so i think that’s probably the case here; this person has not made a fake group so he can trick people into joining, they’ve made a fake group as a satirical joke. it’s a parody probably inspired by that ‘don’t let my dog get put down’ group and others of that ilk. perhaps the humour was just a bit too subtle. it’s more subtle than my group and i still got people who a) thought i was being ridiculously stupid and b) thought it was a wonderful idea that we should make a stand against murder and joined wholeheartedly. both looked silly.

    maybe i’m wrong though. in which case i’ll look even more stupid than anyone i’ve mentioned above.

  5. *and PEOPLE decided to point out that there…

  6. The white bint is called a Spirit Healer =)

    Yeah I play WoW =D

  7. @Sensible Madness: Totally agree with the ballroom dancing divorce issue. I haven’t found my annoying habit yet. Maybe I’ll take up chewing tobacco. Its disgusting as well as irritating.

  8. Crap joke but all the stuff about girls dating guys who just neglect them for WoW depresses me. Like, the ones who just play computer games all day…

    …I’m sorry, I was just gonna go off on a big rant about people who don’t appreciate their relationships or some shit before I realized I was on Lamebook.

    No offence to any of the WoWidows here who are with people who do do things other than just play it.

  9. My friend was addicted to WoW. He’d come in to work with bloodshot eyes, draggin ass because he got 2 hours of sleep, up battling giant leprechauns or some shit. He told me stories about how his friend wouldn’t even get off the computer to pound his gf, she’d just mount him and do her business while he continued to play.

  10. I’m surprise no one has noticed that this group is a South Park reference.. “Make love, not Warcraft”.

    Stan’s father’s warcraft character dies and he no longer finds a reason to live. This tragic case is packed with hilarity of course.

  11. Anyone who took this group seriously is Frodo.

  12. No son, your dad’s life isn’t meaningless because his WOW character died, his life is meaningless because it takes a certain kind of slacker lump to wrap his sense of self in a stupid video game. It means he has no wish to be employed, raise you, acheive anything in life, etc.

    But the very last straw for your attention whore father was when he couldn’t even be a slacker lump who does nothing but play WOW, because he let his character die!

    My advice son, get a haircut, a job, move out and never look back. Twenty years down the road if you ever want to reconnect with good ole dad, trust me, he will still be right there where you left him, throwing himself a pity party with whatever losers are still willing to check his updates on facebook.

  13. extremely poor taste

  14. yep, well last i looked(last week) my main character has died 4613 times. so obviosuly this is a joke as if your character dies you just run to the corpes and click rez or let the spirit healer rez you, or do like i did when my body was stuck in the air, phone a friend, tell him to get on his toon and rez you. this groups a load of crap.

  15. Should he actually do it, he should be able to run back and rez… o wait.

  16. This dad’s broken – he needs to be traded in for a new one anyway…

  17. his character didn’t die his character got BANNED

  18. Oooooooooooh, account banned, that would make more sense. If you’ve got a non-playing kid, saying “died” would be something they’d understand more. Although if the father is that childish, to push all that cry-for-help drama onto his kid, then he deserves to be banned, and the poor kid’s mom loses major points for breeding with him.

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