Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  2. Took me a bit to get the first one… All those !!!!!!!!!!!!!! are just confusing me.

    And Satchel? Isn’t that a bag? If I have a kid, one day, I want to name him Pickle

  3. I named the neighborhood cat pickles

  4. Christina puts the ‘punc’ in punctuation. Good girl!

  5. Satchel is an awesome name. I want to bag him.

  6. @ annieokie, I enjoyed your post, and I actually did laugh.out.loud. Very good indeed.

  7. Wow, I need to find out where Satchel lives. There are rooftops and everything!

  8. Rooftops? Really? How revolutionary!
    I hadn’t made it that far, I just got stuck on the name.

  9. wandr, it would appear there is also a tunnel. Amazing.

  10. Well, fuck me with a fucksox covered aubergine, curly…
    I should get out more.

    The world never ceases to amaze me

  11. I once left a message on one of my ex-cockphlegm milkers’ doormat too.

    Nothing says ‘Fuck off you Cumrag’ like a steaming pile of fully digested faecal matter on your doorstep does it?

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