Monday, January 7, 2013

Not My Type…

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  1. I wish someone would shank that guy with the tattoo.

  2. You don’t have to be young and stupid if you are good at observing people.

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  4. Sarah spelled stupid wrong which makes her look like a complete jackass.

  5. I don’t even.

  6. OMG!!! Thanks sweeyc for showing me why Sarah’s post was on here, I couldn’r figure it out.Now maybe I can be stromger.

  7. drukrnwhpre, you are aware that “stronger” is not misspelled in that tattoo, right? That’s a cursive “n”.

    I only ask because I worry that you think that’s what is wrong with the tattoo…

  8. No, Jessi, I really thunked that was the problem with the tato. Could you tell me the real problem because I doesm’t get it.

  9. The real problem with the tattoo is the douche it’s attached to. Sculpted facial hair, also looks like he’s trying to back out a pound and a half of cheese.

  10. I assume the problem with the tattoo is that it is in cursive and cursive is what you use when you want to obfuscate what you’ve written.

  11. So many things are wrong with that tattoo. The main being the improper use of Don’t instead of Doesn’t. And, Doesn’t even get me started on the use of all the capitals!

  12. He does have a purity mouth though

  13. Why aren’t Jessi explaining where are the word mispelled?

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