Thursday, December 2, 2010

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  1. slicingupeyeballs

    Nicky’s made me laugh a litle…

  2. If Nicky is gonna steal jokes from professional comedians for his facebook, the least he could do is make it a quote and attribute it! (Pretty sure it was on Russell Howard’s Good News 25th Nov)

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Since when is it weird to stuff pictures of your gran inside a strippers crotch?

  4. Maybe if your gran is the stripper?

  5. Oh another Michael Jackson joke in response to a comment about his (great) music. HILARIOUS.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Kris is the one reinforcing stereotypes.

  6. God, you Michael Jackson fans are always so touchy.

  7. Since when was it bad to stuff pictures of Michael Jackson into your Grandmothers coin slot/meat cup?

  8. Kris stole his from sickipedia anyway. Messed up the delivery too. If you’re going to steal something at least don’t fail at it.

  9. Kris…I hope you burn in an airplane crash.

    Er..some UK people help me out. I read Nicky’s as

    “How awkward do you think it will be when Prince William’s male deer is going to be when he realizes he’s stuffing pictures of his grandmother into a lapdancer’s pants/ trousers?” (All I know is, the last time I saw the two princes, they were doing well and handsome)

    I haven’t watched the news for overseas stuff in ages, and I get all the Brit slang but stag do.

    Miguel. 🙁

  10. Hey Keona – A stag do is a bachelor party. “Do” is another word for party and stag is a male deer (as you know). A bachelorette party is called a hen’s night.

  11. @garglegoyl Thank ya, kindly.

  12. These people all suck. :/ *sigh*

  13. Nicky’s joke is stolen off Kevin Bridges, awesome Scottish comedian. Douche should quote…

  14. We should add ‘Prince William’s fucking weddng’ to the list of things I never ever want to hear about again.

  15. But what about Elizabeth herself, posting Christmas cards.. has to lick her own behind all the time, putting those stamps on. 🙁

  16. Well, the other side of her face really. If she was licking her behind when she licked the back of stamps then I think there would have to be a quite different picture on the front.
    @Makster: I was going to say, I was sure I’d heard it on HIGNFY or something.

  17. Agreed w/Hobo

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