Thursday, December 2, 2010

“Your” in It for Life

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  1. “Your” an idiot, Chris. I think “yule” have plenty of time for sleeping.

  2. Oops. Gabe!

  3. I love it when idiots brand themselves…

  4. Spelling mistake aside I like his lips tattoo.

  5. My spelling OCD is going crazy!!!


  6. slicingupeyeballs

    Sure you knew it was wrong Chris, sure you did…


  7. Epic fail!

  8. My issue is why would you get a tattoo that makes it look like you have a third nipple?

  9. If he got it yesterday why isn’t it red?

  10. Who the hell would purposely get the wrong spelling of you’re tattooed on themselves? He’s a lying fucker as well as a stupid one.

  11. “Bring out you’re dead!”

    That’s my boob new tattoo. Got it yesterday – I mean yestarday.

  12. Chris should find a really good tatooist and get them to change the ‘when’ to ‘with’ – then it would make sense, and it would be fucking awesome.

  13. @Whit I was wondering the same thing…
    @Duke Agreed hahahaha. That would make a spectacular tatt.

  14. Am I experiencing deja vu?
    I’m sure I have seen this before.

  15. I like how the girl says, “have fun explaining that every time someone points it out”. As if the majority of the people actually known the difference between the two.

    Also, the tattoo is so crooked. ‘re would have pushed the dead up a little higher, making it an even happy face shape.

  16. he just needs a little breast implant and skin graft to make room for the extra letters

  17. @Buzz *knew

  18. @Hawk *know

  19. Forget the tattoo – that’s some pale skin!

  20. @Commments Section. lol

  21. @Chris – WHAT??? “You’re” typing is like drunk slurring (or someone having a stroke) written out in text. Attempting to read that threw me into flashbacks of my ex – who is an extreme lightweight, mind you – after several bottles of vodka.

  22. EVERYONE that gets a tattoo with a spelling error, always says, “I know it’s wrong, it’s the way i wanted it tho.”. STFU already. You fucked up, period and you’re a brain dead, piece of shit.

  23. it would actually be pretty easy to fix. Just an apostrophe and an “e” at the end and viola! Just like this horrifying mistake never happened.
    His kiss tattoo makes me sick though and what’s up with the bead of sweat on his neck? Or is that a tear? I bet it’s a tear that trickled down his cheek after he realized how badly he fucked up the spelling of you’re.

  24. It wouldn’t be that easy cause it’s written in hand writing, you can add the apostrophe and the ‘e’ but it will still be all one word and cramped….

    God a tattoo like that is like getting a huge stamp on your forehead saying “DID NOT GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL, AM HUGE DUMBASS”

  25. I said it once I will say it again,,,,,, look how well people are doing these days after budget cuts in schools and lowered expectations…. These are our future leaders…. Gun meet head….

  26. ahahahahahahhhahaha i made it onto lamebook my life is complete

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