Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Picture This

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  1. Ben!

  2. Fire proton torpedoes!

  3. Damn! Now where am I going to store my dead bodies? I’m really getting tired of these signs popping up everywhere.

  4. the storm trooper doesn’t even have his eyes on the road, he’s looking into the camera, perfect capture!… although I don’t get why it’s funny/lame

  5. You don’t get why it’s funny? r u dum?

  6. apparently so. I haven’t seen Star Wars


    These are not the pictures you were looking for. *waves hand*

  8. Whatever, I still don’t get it.

  9. Stormtrooper FTW.

  10. krasivaya_devushka


  11. Pic #1 is what Jasmin Cara would have looked like if the procedure was a success.

  12. Well, at least Sonny knows his wife doesn’t mind things getting hand-sy when she drinkin’…

    Also, it looks like the Dark Side is paying pretty well these days. Still, have to worry about the whole Vader-choking-you-out-telepathically thing.

  13. Connor seems to have gotten something wrong. I hope somebody told him :b

  14. How did Connor mistake an obelisk for the Empire State Building?

  15. Is it bad that what bothers me the most out of this whole post is that Aaron typed “company’s” rather than “companies”?

    Ugh. People need to learn the proper use of the apostrophe.

  16. hahaha Stormtrooper car ftw!

    As for you, Saffer, you have not lived until you’re seen Star Wars.

  17. lexluther is right.
    Fortunately, my father was a total nerd (the good kind) and I was raised on Star Wars. It’s in my veins.

    …So is Mario Kart…

  18. Anybody else see the tiny sad face at the top of the Washington Monument?

  19. Ok that’s weird. Now all I can focus on is the tiny frown face.

  20. the stig got cheekbones.

  21. I see the little frown!!!

  22. Yea, the frown face is all I can see now. it’s kinda cute though… And don’t hate on me but it took me a moment to see what was wrong with that entry >_< I obviously skim captions if I don't feel they are important…

    Even in Lamebook… which is really retarded of me. 🙂

  23. oh and Stormtrooper FTW

    lmao @ #2 and #7

    @Comments – it has been my understanding that the Dark Side pays a decent wage; however, this dude must have been skimming off the top srsly

  24. The Force is not with me,Lex, I tried on two seprarate ocassions and fell asleep both times. It’s just too slow paced a sci-fi for my liking.

  25. I haven’t seen Star Wars either (except the first prequel, which…why?), but that Storm Trooper one still cracked me up.

  26. It took me a second to see the storm trooper. I thought it was the apparently-missing hubcaps that was the funny bit…
    I’ven’t seen Star Wars either, but I still thought it was funny xD

    And, yes, now all I can look at is the frowning face 🙁

  27. I don’t see any frowning.

    Also, I hate people like Connor. Not for being too stupid to know obvious things, but for posting 689 pictures.

    I really don’t understand why people take pictures of shit I can find 10,000 other pictures of on Google.

  28. How can you not see the sad face? It looks like someone typed it right onto the photo.

  29. I see the little face..missed it when I was there in person though.

    @Saffer .. watch the Family Guy version, much shorter and you’ll still get the gist of it.

  30. This is getting really annoying! Seriously, why don’t disposal companies allow dead bodies in their dumpsters anymore?

  31. I was too far away from my screen I guess. I stood up and got closer and could see it.

  32. @val

    Didn’t think about that — damn thief, I mean if you can’t trust an evil henchman, who can ya trust?


  34. HAHA brilliant, I originally thought the “stormtrooper” was The Stig from Top Gear, but I don’t think u Americans know who that is.. He drives racing cars and always wears his helmet no one knows who he is, very funny 🙂

  35. No more dead bodies in dumpsters? Well, there goes Law and Order…

  36. mytwocentsorwhatever

    Now what am I going to do for body disposal? Someone always has to mess up a good thing *sigh*

  37. aoa3 well the Stormtrroper is posted by Jeremy __ so it may be The Stig on a day off, in his fancy sunday-go-to-meeting helmet

  38. Damn that was me in the picture with Mrs Sonny!!

    I have been caught in the act of ‘silent ducking’ her ringer… again!

  39. @34 and 37

    good one.

    in other news see #20

  40. @Saffer

    You don’t think that’s funny? That’s the first time I actually laughed out loud on this site in a while!

  41. Storm trooper isn’t driving – he’s a passenger. Car looks like a Lotus Exige to me (like so: which is a British manufacturer, so the car is more than likely right hand drive.

    I realise that this post isn’t funny

  42. @MikeyMike –

    You made me laugh more than anything else about this post. You win.

  43. I sort of love Sonny for his comment. No all-caps, misspelled rant loaded with indignant outrage for our Sonny! He stays calm and collected, even managing the correct use of an apostrophe. We should all be more like Sonny in the face of adversity.

  44. I wish I saw this post earlier. Now I don’t know where to put the bodies.

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