Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Background Checks

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  1. it’s hilarious to log in here and see someone you know…hey timmy! haha and he had no clue the dogs were doin it when he took it..funny shit..good post to whoever caught it..

  2. wat is that pic in the Chrissy tree pic? is it jabba the hutt flipping the bird at an 8th birthday party in front of the Chinese flag?

  3. No idea what’s going on in that first photo.


  5. that is a seriously bony ass. don’t just lean on the buffet, dear. eat a fucking sammich or something.

  6. fat jealous mom strikes again.

  7. ^still fucking obsessed with me, huh?
    let it go you stupid little bitch.

  8. Oh MsAnne, just accept nobody has any apparent liking to your presents. Doh-ho-ho, punny.

  9. Is that your only retort , sorry, I’m trying to use language you like to use. ‘still obsessed’ ? No, probably annoyed at your input. But keep trying

  10. drama

  11. I’ll take that bony ass. Someone uses the butt-toner at the gym.

  12. I thought the same thing; that as could use some meat on it.

  13. #9. that’s some fascinating shit. It’s cute that you are ‘trying to use language you like to use’, but the apparent concern and butt-hurt whining at my 100% correct call as to the 12 year-old boyness of that bitch’s gluteus maximus leads me to suspect that you and all your pedophile mates were offended by what I said and felt like I’d give a shit if they cried about it.

    I didn’t.

  14. Did anyone even do a background check on the second one?

    Also, I could easily drive my car through the gap in her thighs. She’s a lean one, that’s for sure.

  15. I noticed the kid under the table eventually. I like a little meat on my bone but I still like what I see.
    Why isn’t the 3rd guy blurred? Probably the biggest close up I’ve seen and not a blurred pixel in sight.

  16. That awkward moment when you thought MsAss is back on his meds for good,then see him back again 🙁

  17. ^ I have such a pleasant knack of upsetting the dumb people.
    It’s because I make them feel & look stupid.
    And then they gets maaaaad.

  18. star wars man seems to be doing relatively well for himself anyway, against all odds i might add, what with having a framed picture of jaba the hut in his living room

  19. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Upsetting dumb people is awesome and I love how they cry after. There’s nothing as sweet as the salty tears of the mentally challenged. Inflicting bodily harm is my second favorite thing to do to dumb people but less funny because they bleed just like normal people.

  20. I like Mspussfilledpenilewart, well, I say like, like is such an over used word. He/she is real condescending, it’s difficult to like someone like that, but, she gives it straight, doesn’t try to be overly funny, and always gets the last word in, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, causes like, shit loads of drama. That’s always a positive thing. Where would be without drama? Not as much drama as those little North Korean bitches, granted, that was painful to watch. *slap slap slap*

  21. Facebook should start a site where they copy and paste all the adolescent drama comments on lamebook.

  22. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    ^ yeah and you should get yourself a douche and flush the sand out of your vagina.

  23. ^ just stick to eating the shit out of your colostomy bag, little boy.

  24. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    ^oh you silly retard. One does not eat from a colostomy bag since its contents is quite liquid, big girls blouse.

  25. Davis is right. This is pretty entertaining.

  26. Well what the thedoubleupsidedowncandycanes is that picture on the wall in the first one?
    Kinda looks like a woman with a ball gag over her face and a dollar sign choker or maybe some guy with a helmet idk.

  27. That in picture 2 is, in my opinion, a nice arse.

    I’m not aware of its resemblance to the arse of a 12 year old boy because I don’t routinely check out 12 year old boys.

    I really don’t care if anyone accuses me of ‘not being a real man’ because I’m not turned on by massive fat arses with orange peel skin, mainly because I’m totally secure with my sexuality.

    I like women (of a legal age), and I like ’em thin. Takes all sorts, eh ?

  28. I don’t see what’s wrong with having a picture of Jabba the Hutt, possibly in a hat, on your wall.

  29. i dont know how her arse looks like that of a 12 year old boy… shes infact 23 with 3 kids. (yes i know her, and no im not a stalker)
    the jabba the hut picture is rubbish, however the other 2 are highly amusing!

  30. Am I the only one that sees a sugar glider or some other squirrel/rodent/??? sitting in the tree under the girl?
    Ok, I’ll go back to drinking then

  31. lolly, your comment is suspect, as the picture has an American flag in it, and you used the term “rubbish,” indicating that you’re a Brit! Explain yourself!

  32. haha ive never noticed that. seriously though, i was the one who sent the picture in… she’s my friends sister. she lives about 3 miles away from me.. 🙂

  33. #27, Keyser, what you attempted to present was a false dichotomy – and a pretty lame one at that.
    Are you somehow unaware that women come in many different shapes and sizes and between ‘bony-ass skank’ and ‘wobbling, dimpled heffalump’ that there are some pleasantly curved and sleek asses to found? DID YOU NOT KNOW THAT?
    You need to bookmark some more girlfriend.jpgs.

  34. I came to check to see if anyone had pointed out that the girl needed a sammich for her bony ass. I stayed for the premenstrual, high school drama.

  35. lollypoplady shut your gash youre full of shit. proof. naked pics only.

  36. @MsAnnThorpe: Appreciating a woman for her size is a pointless argument. Yes, women with curves can be just as beautiful. A woman such as Marilyn Monroe or Scarlet Johansson is curvy and just as attractive as a skinny woman so get over it and shut up already.
    This girl is tiny and she has a cute little bum. If you don’t agree, which you obviously don’t and have voiced that opinion, that’s fine. But not everyone needs to be beaten with the dead horse that chunky girls can be better than skinny girls. So end of your little drama. Thank you, move on.
    Now onto the real problem. What the hell is in that picture frame in the first image?

  37. It’s Jabba the hut, and he’s perfectly fine the way he is. Some of the other huts are really skinny but Jabba is just curvy and curvy is beautiful.

    I still see a sugar glider in that tree

  38. #1 isn’t Jabba, it’s the Hutt (I can’t remember his name) from the Star Wars Christmas Special! Come on guys, I can’t be the only one that knows of the awful steaming pile of shit that was the Christmas Special. George Lucas himself did everything in his power to destroy and never again show the movie. Pretty sure he sued some places trying to destroy all traces of it.

    That’s how bad it was. George Lucas spent money trying to destroy all evidence that it ever existed. Luckily, the Internet is a strange place with a vast memory, as well as intensive ADHD.

    Also, it’s a nice ass. Jesus Christ people, stop arguing and enjoy the view. Why can’t we all just get along!?

  39. There’s a rat in the christmas tree.

  40. #36, kendraj78, gee. you sure told me.
    And normally I’d take your advice on board as everyone is entitled to their opinion. Except I’m finding it quite difficult as you are a fucking idiot, and your opinion is shit.

    -> google jabba the pimp, and stfu already <-

    p.s. the bitch is too skinny. it would be like trying to poke a bicycle frame.

  41. is there any reason you didn’t just call it “ass” instead of using latin terms no one gives a fuck about ?. if that ass , does indeed look like a 12 year old boys? do you have a mental rolodex of a lot of 12 year old boys asses to make note of that? either way

    you’re a fucking moron.

  42. I need to find and bookmark that horrible Christmas Special, just so I can torture my kids with it when they misbehave. That, and KISS vs. the Phantom of the Park.

  43. Oh holy mother of… Haven’t been on in like forever because I saw so much drama going down, thought I’d pop my head in and see if things managed to calm down at all. And this is what you guys are fighting about? Because “clever” MsAnnThrope thinks the skinny bum chick needs to eat more food? Hogod people, come on. Also, MsAnnThrope, your drama and butthurt are really just ridiculously over the top. Come on. Troll harder.

    Hutt one was good, though.

  44. ^no one cares

  45. Poor MsAnneThrope, so unhappy with life.

  46. @MsAnneThrope: It’s always odd to me when someone replies “no one cares” when that kind of response in and of itself indicates that you cared enough to reply. So, there’s that.

  47. ^don’t judge me for typing three words.
    Not after you bothered to type a whole paragraph of undie-bunching autistic bleating bullshit that, really, was too fucking dull to even bother to tear apart.

  48. It’s funny how a women’s ass can divert our eyes , after the post saying did anyone background check, I finally noticed

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